Lost, Wandering Coffee Machine

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This large contraption was spotted outside of Hamilton 702, just DC chillin’. No cups, no explanation, nothing. This campus is getting more mysterious by the second.

Update: Now with a lost, wandering Chewie!

Photos by ECS, MMT

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  1. ummm  

    can we please note the ridiculousness of the old shirtless man in the background? thanks.

  2. Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

    Zomg, yes, that too!

  3. or...  

    the super hot redhead chilling on the steps.

  4. Anonymous  

    ...is that http://www.wikicu.com/Robert_Kasdin" rel="nofollow">Robert Kasdin?!

  5. or...  

    the girl's hair matches the sunburn she's inevitably gonna have

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