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According to The Daily Beast’s recent list of 50 Most Stressful Colleges in America, Columbia comes in second in the nation, behind only Stanford. They compiled their list based on five school qualities (weight; Columbia’s stats): cost (35%; $51k), competitiveness (35%; 8th), acceptance rate (10%; 10%), engineering (10%; 18th), and crime (10%; 12th).

While we admit that college is indeed a stressful environment, we also think that “Vibrancy of Step Scene” and “Proximity to the Most Exhilarating City in the World” should have been criteria when judging college stress. But kidding and self-gloating aside, without considering other positive criteria such as “Satisfaction with Social Life” or “Environment,” it would seem that all colleges out there are just a playpen of stress.

We can only hope that with pictorial evidence as the following, we are a far second behind our brethren to the West, who undoubtedly have their own reasons for disputing their rank (damn you, California weather!).

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  1. What's

    Barnard on this list like no. 94700000...I mean you can take classes on children's books to satisfy one of the core requirements...that's destressing

    • bc2011  

      and here comes out the elite douchebags that come out to hate on barnard.

      get a life.

    • Anonymous  

      im cc 2011 and i think you're a dumbass. only geniuses can understand children's books like children do! it is not as easy as you may think, especially when you have clearly grown up reading Proust, Foucault, and other Frenchies you think are deep ... and cool.

  2. Haha  

    I'm from CA and have lots of friends who go to Stanford. The only thing I hear about is how they drink with their RA's and party 3-4 nights a week. Not sure I'd call that high stress.

  3. Anonymous  

    i think i read this already on spectrum...

  4. Annoying Person  


  5. This would be useful  

    if stress wasn't so incredibly subjective. I know people who study every day, all day, and people who get high every day, all day and study for one hour on Sunday night. You can do both these things at pretty much any university in the world.

  6. kyle the couch man  

    is totally baller

  7. Actually,

    the weather is nicer here than it is in California right now.

  8. Anonymous  

    I would bet Columbia is legitimately one of the most stressful schools on average. Grouped with Caltec, Johns Hopkins, UChicago and MIT. That's on average, I remind you.

  9. ke$ha  

    stop stop talking that blah blah blah blahhhhhh

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