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Photo via Wikipedia. This bad boy is expected to go once the EC Townhouses run out.

Don’t be late–check your appointment time!

The Core, topical? Leymah Gbowee champions the positively Lysistrata-esque sex strike and more to fight for justice and women’s rights in the Congo and beyond. (The Daily Beast)

New York is now the eighth-most bike-friendly city in the country. Not so, cry the Williamsburg Hasids! (New York Post)

Today in “Things You Didn’t Know About Yourself”: university-educated women drink more than their non-college peers. (Gothamist)

Would you like a side of weed with your meal? (The New York Times)

Haakon’s Hall v. Yelp: death match! (Spec)

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  1. Yelp can go screw.  

    The people, fare, and prices at Haakon's are great. I've hardly ever used Yelp - beyond firing off one heated review of shitty place near my home in Philly - but a bad review(s) of Haakon's after refusing to buy ad space would seem awfully convenient.

  2. Anonymous  

    I would prefer this wonderful yurt with a mountain view to the shaft at McBain

  3. Ben Cotton  

    Important New Housing Info:

    EC Exclusion suites floors 12 and 14 apparently do not have working dishwashers or refrigerators any more and will not be replaced this summer. This is a completely unforeseen mistake by housing services, but they say that renovations were not done in time and they do not have new/refurbished appliances on the way for these 2 floors.


    -check out the spectrum blog

  4. Free Range Turkey Wash  

    stroodle wagon bacon field! <3 <3 <3

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