Suite Selection 2010 – Day 1

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Update, 11:41 p.m.: This page will only contain information for Wednesday, April 7. Please look for our new post on Thursday for live coverage.

A few notes before we begin (10 AM, get stoked): comment away on this post, but please keep a few things in mind. Please try to keep all comments topical. We’ll try to answer as many questions as possible, but we may not be able to tell what what your specific lottery number means at a certain moment. General debate, advice and chatter about the housing process is encouraged. Our revised comment policy can be found at the bottom of the page and will help explain our comment moderating system. We’ll be updating the chart in the top box as often as possible, posting the official Housing whiteboard, and telling you everything else that happens in John Jay lounge, minute by minute, for the next 7 days. Let’ s do the damn thing. Happy picking!

Please note that we are only posting official numbers from Housing and updating our chart as the whiteboard is edited. Numbers in bold are official and numbers in italics are speculative (due to conflicting or missing information).

To watch our live updates on your mobile device, go to coveritlive.com/mobile and search for “Bwog.” To see the spreadsheet on a mobile device, head to http://bit.ly/bwoghousing2010.

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  1. Can someone  

    please explain what the procedure is inside John Jay Lounge? This is my first room selection/first suite selection, so I was sort of wondering what to expect when I get there

    • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

      It's a magical experience! Show up a few minutes early for your appointment time, eat a Twizzler, and wait for your group to be called. A housing rep will explain everything to you if you've never done it before as they walk you through the walls of floor plans set up in the lounge. Basically, they'll walk you through the floor plans, show you what's left, and you can compare rooms/suites a bit before you make your final choice. Then, you'll be led to a table with computers, where housing reps will take down your selection. Finally, you'll confirm your selection with a housing computer they provide. And voilà!

  2. Hey Bwog,  

    isn't that new brownstone in suite selection?

  3. any news about  

    that new brownstone?

  4. Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

    And it's not on our chart yet because we don't have official numbers from housing about how many rooms/what type of rooms are available.

  5. Includes SIC housing?  

    All I know (in life) is Ruggles, but I thought one of Ruggle's 8-man suites was Q House, lowering the available total to 14. No?

  6. awesome  

    this is awesome bwog! i hope it works!

  7. Furnald  

    Are we sure that there are 33 doubles available to sophomores in Furnald? I had heard that there are 7....

  8. Anonymous

    how many spots for Barnard students are left?

  9. Hey wait  

    I can't find it on the Mobile site... come on bwog i've gotta sit through a class for the next 45 min, i need my mobile updates

  10. ec floor 16  

    ... will it be renovated? do you guys think any (if so, which) ec high-rise floor(s) will be renovated over this summer?

  11. Anonymous

    How does this process affect an incoming first year grad student who is attempting to get couples housing? This whole process seems unnecessarily complicated.

  12. new brownstone  

    wait. when bwog first reviewed the new brownstone you guys said that it was four floors with two doubles on each floor which would make for 8 doubles, not 16. spec said the same thing. did housing split all of the doubles in half?

  13. anon  

    how on earth are 2 ECX gone already? i thought ECX starts tomorrow

  14. ...Why  

    is the date 4/6/2010?

  15. 2 ECX suites  

    are retained, somehow, probably for people with disabilities. Bwog, how on earth do the housing admins allow retention of the best housing at Columbia? Moreover, how is it fair to allow 6-person all single highrise suites to be retained????

  16. question  

    which woodbridge suites were taken? on what floor?

  17. Concerned junior  

    Where are these numbers coming from. They don't seem right...I'm trying to match them up with what I've heard is on the board and something's not working.

  18. Your numbers are wrong!  

    You guys have started with last year’s numbers and have been subtracting to reconcile those numbers with the ones currently on the housing board. Fix this!

  19. question  

    why does it say there is only 1 2 bedroom watt suite left at 11:15?

  20. ...Why  

    6-Person Suites (All Singles) 24 2 13

    Where is the math here? 24-2=13?

    • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

      Check remaining for now-- that's accurate according to the most recent housing/whiteboard update, and we're updating total numbers now. So that's 13 6-persons left, and ignore the 24 total for now.

  21. Anonymous  

    is there a way to track how many groups fall down into general selection

  22. Anonymous  

    In EC, 14 is not renovated and 16 is....

  23. Anonymous  

    alright i call dibs on the last watt 2BR. so if you all would not mind leaving it be, that would be great.

  24. please  

    another picture of the white board...i don't trust you bwog

  25. Twat  

    Which is better, Watt o-line or c-line?

  26. sorry bwog  

    spec is kicking your ass.

  27. lol  

    spectrum is totally owning you guys

  28. question  

    what was the last number to pick?

  29. lol  

    AND theyre deleting any comments that have he word SPECTRUM in it...

  30. ANGRY RA  


  31. disabilities housing  

    is stupid. Sorry, but you don't deserve any of the townhouses. Live in Wien or Schapiro.

  32. bwog  

    quit censoring posts. this is a new low.

  33. damn  

    spec's coverage is killin it. so nice that we actually have an better alternative to bwog now

    • wrong  

      Spec's numbers have been wrong the entire day - for example, they claim there are 5 person and 6 person suites left in Claremont, when those are both SICs this year. Nice try.

      • well  

        at least spectrum doesn't delete your comments-and like, bwog, your board wasn't updated for half the day. come on!

        • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)

          Hello hello! Two comments were deleted this morning, and stayed deleted for about 60 seconds before they were put back. There was confusion about a clause of our comment policy, and, again, the comments are on this thread for anyone's reading pleasure. There were inaccurate numbers across the board (and blogs) for most of today, and we felt it safest to stay closest to Housing's official tally, considering that they took into account last-minute SICs, Greek housing, etc. We'd rather have accurate numbers than constantly updated numbers, although our liveblog has been and will be updated every few minutes to account for groups reporting what they picked. A combination of our chart in the top box and our frequent reports from chatting with groups should give everyone a very comprehensive picture of what's going on in John Jay Lounge. As always-- really truly-- email specific comments/concerns/complaints to me, [email protected], and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

  34. excellent

    this is awesome bwog! much clearer than spec.

  35. what  

    just checked spectrum. These are legitimately not that different.

  36. Question:  

    Do they change the beds when a suite is renovated?

  37. Wait  

    How is there only 1 EC townhouse left? Were some of the EC 6-person suites withheld for something?

  38. uh oh  

    When is senior regroup?

  39. ECX Regroups  

    I heard that usually only 5 or 6 groups of seniors regroup per year and pick into an ECX, but with more than that already gone and more groups of all-seniors to pick (and many more to be shafted), does BWOG think all groups that applied to ECX will get one? Or will many desperate seniors throw themselves into the small hole that is the ECX double?

  40. ECX  

    I am also curious whether or not every ECX group will get in. Any info appreciated.

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