Suite Selection 2010 – Day 2

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Wheel of Housing

by JYH

Welcome to Suite Selection Day 2! Our coverage will begin at 10 AM.

A change from yesterday: the room count now has two columns. “Whiteboard” holds official numbers on the Housing whiteboard and “Bwog Count” will be our estimate based on exit polls.

To watch our live updates on your mobile device, click here. To see the spreadsheet on a mobile device, head to bit.ly/bwoghousing2010-2.

See yesterday’s Suite Selection coverage here. Happy in-fighting!

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  1. snackmaven  

    What kind of snacks are available in the John Jay Lounge? And what kind of beverages?

  2. Brownstone??  

    Why does BwogCharts say there are 16 doubles in the Brownstone? I thought you said yesterday that there are 8 of them? Also, how big are the rooms? Bwog's review said they're bigger than 300 square feet but now you're saying that they're smaller....

  3. EFFED UP!  

    This is srsly fvcked up. fvck housing

  4. Panic Attack  

    Bwog, have mercy on my nerves. I have an appointment at 10am tomorrow. We're hoping to scrape the bottom of the EC barrel. Please start telling us what the lottery numbers are of people picking exclusion suites like you were doing before.

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