Suite Selection 2010 – Day 4: “Lucky” Juniors, Luckier Sophomores

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Wheel of Housing

by JYH

Monday means the remaining rising juniors pick, followed by mixed-point junior-sophomore groups. 10-point rising sophomores, start biting your nails now.

The room count has two columns. “Whiteboard” holds official numbers on the Housing whiteboard and “Bwog Count” will be our estimate based on exit polls.

To watch our live updates on your mobile device, go to coveritlive.com/mobile and search for “Bwog”. To see the spreadsheet on a mobile device, head to bit.ly/bwoghousing2010-4.

Check out our previous Suite Selection coverage here.

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  1. Two questions:  

    sorry to sound like a clueless sophomore, but in all honesty the housing website is super unclear about certain things.
    1: could someone please tell me about sophomore pair up? specifically, if i'm in a group of 4, can we "pair up" where two of us pick into a double and the other two drop down into general, or is that not allowed?
    2: how long are appointment times; e.g. how long do we have to decide on a room before we get jumped over by the next group?

    • Ooo!  

      plz answer! i wanna know 2

      • Hans  (Bwog Staff)  

        Appointments range from 2 to 4 minutes, so don't stay too long in the cage! On Friday we were all quite amused (and worried) when one pair flip-flopped for what seemed like 20 minutes and were overtaken by at least three groups.

      • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

        Hey, clueless sophomores-- that's why we're here! Seriously, drop by anytime and look for someone wearing a Bwog badge..we've been there, and we know this process is hecka confusing and scary.
        Here's the deal:
        Sophomore pair-up basically works like senior regroup. I had the exact same experience as you did last year-- I was in a group of 4, and we split up into two doubles. It WONT be worth your while to drop into general. The four of you should show up to your appointment time and see what doubles are left. It's definitely better for rising sophomores to pick doubles in suite selection to avoid blind doubles. Once you show up for your appointment, housing officials can help you figure out what to do next, but don't drop into general yet!
        As for your housing appointment, show up a few minutes early, chat with housing officials if they're milling about, and don't worry-- they aren't about to force you out, you can stay in that floor plan cage for as long as you'd like, basically. Appointment times are technically three minutes, but if you need more time in the cage, you'll have it.
        Feel free to keep asking questions and drop by to chat with Bwog and/or housing. We're here all day!

  2. So...  

    Bwog buddy. What's the likelihood of those 7-person suites sticking around until tomorrow afternoon?

  3. Sophomore  

    Does the sophomore pair-up allow you to pick into Walk-Through Dbls?

    • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

      Absolutely-- but be careful! Some of the walk-through doubles in Schapiro are terribly laid out and it would be more worth it for you to just live in a big Schapiro double, or a McBain/Nussbaum double if they're left. The worst of the Schapiro walk-throughs are incredibly narrow and claustrophobic-- consult your floor plans before you show up, and pick walk-throughs with caution. More information about that in our housing guides from the past month. Just search "housing" and a bunch of helpful stuff will pop up. Pop in for questions, too, we're here all day!

  4. Well  

    Shouldn't the bankruptcy tiles be both "WIEN" i.e. Dormitory of the Damned?

    • person  

      Especially since Hartley and Wallach aren't in the lottery. Since Wein isn't in the picture, I'm assuming it's what you get if you spin it too hard and it flies off.

  5. Furnald  

    Any details on which rooms in Furnald will be available?

  6. another soph  

    I need clarification about sophomore pairup. Let's say we have a suite group of 8 and we're doing sophomore pairup. Could 6 pick into doubles, and then 2 go into general selection and get singles? Also, does your whole group have to pick into the same building? Same floor?

    • Anish  (Bwog Staff)

      In sophomore pairup, each pair can function individually after they break up. You are basically in a pair; it's like your 8 person group never existed except that you keep the same number and pick at the same time if you stay in suite selection. You should NOT drop down because its highly unlikely that you'll get a single, and will more likely have to pick into a blind double.

  7. Anonymous  

    Can we bring laptops into the appointment time? Let's say I wanted to check out the room I pick via floor-plan beforehand, is that allowed?

    • Anish  (Bwog Staff)

      When you pick your room, you're actually picking directly off a floor plan so you can see exactly what you're getting. Laptops are allowed in the lounge for sure, but you shouldn't even need them in The Cage.

  8. Broadway  

    Can we get a list of what's available? I know that it's the big doubles on 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 13 were taken. Am I missing anything?

  9. rising soph  

    which floors on schapiro are considered 'good'? i heard the upper ones were better? anyone know why?

  10. Schapiro  

    I heard upper floors in Schapiro have less rooms, therefore less people sharing common bathrooms/kitchen/lounge

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