Suite Selection 2010 – Day 5: McBain Has Never Looked Better

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Wheel of Housing

by JYH

10-point rising sophomores: it’s all about you.

The room count has two columns. “Whiteboard” holds official numbers on the Housing whiteboard and “Bwog Count” will be our estimate based on exit polls.

To watch our live updates on your mobile device, go to coveritlive.com/mobile and search for “Bwog”. To see the spreadsheet on a mobile device, head to bit.ly/bwoghousing2010-5.

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  1. Watt??  

    There are no rooms left in Watt -- why does the Whiteboard column say that there are?

  2. Ruggles 6's...  

    There are 3 left, not 2....

  3. Barnard  

    Why is there no coverage of Barnard housing as well?

  4. Hooah  

    Bwog, didn't housing have something last year where we could see the actual names of people in rooms at the end of each day? Or was it after the whole process was over? Does that still exist?

  5. rising sophomore  

    Do you Bwoggers know if there are any Nussbaum D suite doubles left?

  6. 6th floor of EC  

    Is it still available? It's not in your chart....

  7. furnald  

    any doubles left?

  8. booooooring

    You've gone downhill since last week, sorry.

  9. ...  

    wait 12 nussbaum left or 2?

  10. Anonymous  

    waittt....there are only 2 Nussbaum suites left?? or 12??

  11. so what does that mean for furnald singles  


    • Grammar Nazi  

      It means you need to quit freaking out like a prepubescent girl at the sight of robert pattinson and taylor lautner in a gay orgy. Furnald singles are in general selection, naturally you twit, because they're not in a suite.

      • hey douchebag  

        a few posts ago bwog said that housing was putting a cap on sophomore beds in furnald at 40-45. since all of the furnald doubles were taken, that means that furnald singles for sophs are out of the picture... according to that report.

        now go post on collegeacb about people you don't like, and keep it anonymous too, asshole

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