Meet Your New ABC E-Board

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Results are in! Stay tuned for elections results from CCSC, ESC and SGA today and tomorrow.

Beezly Kiernan

Vice President:
Eric Rosenberg

Brittany Ward

Justin Kim

Update: Beezly Kiernan, who is currently running for the position of VP of Policy in the CCSC’s exec board elections, intends to resign from his position as president of ABC if his Naked Party ticket wins.

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  1. Anonymous

    could you please explain who this knitting chick is? it's really getting weird...her face makes me sad

  2. Anonymous  

    the ad to the left= super creepy.

  3. anonymous  

    congrats beezly...u deserve it

  4. and also  

    Congratulations Beezles! You definitely definitely deserve it

  5. Anonymous  


  6. Isn't Beezly

    running for a CCSC position as well? I guess there aren't any rules against that, but he will be one busy man if elected for both!

  7. Anonymous  

    ABC. The only student government group with actual power.
    All hail our new world order!

  8. Anonymous  

    how did beezly become abc president without actually ever having served on it? wasnt he just the sgb secretary last year?

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