Relay For Life

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Today was Columbia’s 7th Annual Relay for Life to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Bwog’s Mahrah Taufique reports via photo.



  1. ARGH they took over the gym

    and there was no place to play pickup soccer...Couldn't it have been done outside?

  2. Hooah

    Right, because soccer is never played outside.

  3. Anonymous

    ah it's such bad weather for soccer - too chilly! Besides, Relay for Life is major awesome - they raised a ton of money last year! Speaking of sports, come to the CUSmile Walk/Run @ College Walk to Riverside tomorrow morning! It's $5 for early registration; check out:


    All proceeds go to Operation Smile! and yeah, there's going to be food. and stuff.


    yeah AXOs!!! wheww

  5. but  

    i think relay was a lot better when it was outside.

  6. Anonymous  

    omg that dude in the raas shirt is so hot.

  7. anonymous  

    their whole team is performing at tamasha this weekend.....HAAAAAAWT.

  8. Relay raised  

    over $50,000!!!! woohoo!

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