1. Anonymous  

    I love that this post has the "rabies" tag

  2. this man  

    is my hero. Unless he gets his eyes clawed out. That would be unfortunate.

  3. Anonymous  

    OMG he's so scary!!! Everytime I walk by him he gives me the stink eye and the walk-away-before-I-kill-you look. And he's so big!

  4. Nature Boy

    The squirrels in Columbia are actually VERY friendly. If you make fast-paced kissing sounds to them, they will come to you.

  5. Pfft  

    He's just trying to get at its nuts.
    Well, after he kills, cleans, skins, and cooks it.

  6. hahahaha  

    yess bwog. can u find out what his deal is. he is objectively the creepiest man on campus

    • Hmph  

      He's actually a really nice GS student. Really, really friendly, too. Just because he's not a 90 pound nerd or a bland Columbia-sweatshirt clad kiddie, doesn't mean he's automatically creepy.

      That said, I would be terrified to touch a New York squirrel. Rabies indeed.

    • logic...  

      "Just because he’s not a 90 pound nerd or a bland Columbia-sweatshirt clad kiddie, doesn’t mean he’s automatically creepy."

      You're refuting a claim that nobody made.

  7. hm

    one time i saw a graduate student in a harvard shirt doing this

  8. omg bwog  

    you totally stole the nickname squirrel whisperer from me... how did this happen!

  9. senior  

    get rid of that countdown thing. i'm about to have a heart attack

  10. Excellent.

    This no doubt explains why the resident squirrels usually run toward people instead of away.

  11. question  

    for bwog or anyone:
    is the NYT available in Lerner/John Jay during the summer?

  12. Envious  


  13. Anonymous  

    looks like bart piela

  14. Marc  

    That would be me in the photo with the squirrel.

    They are quite friendly, and don't take much coaxing to get them to hop up on your hand to eat.

    I'm not the only one feeding the little fur-balls, several other people do it as well, the squirrels are not picky about who the mooch food from... and there was some other guy who did it long before I came to Columbia so they were already pretty much trained and tame (some more so than others).

    Anyway, it was not my intention to give the 'stink eye' to anyone so If I come off as creepy and intimidating I apologize, I generally try to avoid being scary looking... but theres not much I can do about my size.

    Have a good one,


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