An Arranged Marriage

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Bwog horse-wrangler Mahrah Taufique witnessed a marriage between NYU and Columbia at Hangama today.

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  1. Anonymous  

    are these the motherfuckers who are blasting their annoying ass music throughout all of morningside? fuck you!!!! the single, unmarried people in Butler hate you!

  2. What  

    a beautiful presentation!!! Sami is the best dancer ever. GO SAMI!

  3. Anonymous  

    what the fuck is this noise?

  4. Anonymous  

    who's the bride? She's gorgeous!

  5. Anonymous  


  6. Anonymous  

    wait, was that a real wedding? or just a reenactment?

  7. Just...  

    ... a fake wedding meant to show white people how exotic us brown people are. Argh! This is so stupid. I hate this exotic crap.
    More importantly, such a huge waste of money... why the hell is my student life fee going to this crap?

  8. Anonymous  

    ah! i can't believe i missed it... this is one of my favorite events of the year.

  9. Anonymous  

    I thought we hated NYU.

  10. someone who feels dumb

    what culture were they basing this wedding off of, if any in particular? Also, that looks like it took some serious cash to pull off.

  11. lols corrected

    Unless you were saying \brown people\ to mock the people who think that way, in which case, nevermind, apologies. You're right though, this was a really big waste of money in my opinion.

  12. OMG no  

    A Columbia-NYU marriage is one social taboo that should NOT be broken

  13. Following up

    Bwog...where is the post about the Police and Carman? Why was it taken down?

  14. Anonymous  

    How is this a waste of money? They've found a creative way to share an aspect of their culture with their classmates.

    Plus, other cultural groups on campus pull off similarly large, expensive productions throughout the school year.

  15. shut up woman

    get on my horse

  16. uh huh

    uhmmm waste of money?

    fucking columbia and a shit load of other groups waste money on a whollllleee lot of fucking bullshit. relatively this is nothing. open your eyes and get a look of whatelse ur crap money is going to.

  17. Anonymous

    what is the point of this? To make fun of indian weddings? to have a make believe wedding? hasnt college taught anyone to grow up at columbia or nyu?
    Besides wasting time and blasting annoying music, what has this achieved? To show how Indian weddings are conducted ? yea that's right, every wedding in India involves horses and a procession.

  18. Anonymous  

    lol my reCAPTCHA is "lack administrative." nuff said

  19. Cliff  

    Maxineeeee! So beautiful!

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