Overseen: MrsBo, Racecars, and Croquet

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What a wild and wacky Sunday it has been! This morning, Bollinger Family Biographer Mariela Quintana spotted MrsBo herself, Jean Bollinger, buying a book of poetry at Book Culture. She was wearing Nike sneakers (the couple that jogs together, stays together!) and “seemed very intent” that the cashier run up her store credit correctly. She had $1.50 left on her credit, just enough for a James Joyce postcard!

Then, on our morning walk through the Greenmarket, Bwog watched Columbia Formula SAE rolling their racecar into Lerner, as argula-toting patrons gaped.

Finally, Megan Shannon sent along a photo of the Philolexian Society wearing silly hats and playing croquet on Lewisohn Lawn. What a day!

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  1. MrsBo  

    was also present at PrezBo's conversation with Mike Mullen. Get on that Bwog!!

  2. damn  

    who's that chick on the left? she's hot

  3. dear bwog  

    The SAE website is actually www.columbia.edu/cu/sae

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