Shooting at 118th St. and Morningside

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Gothamist Newsmap is reporting that around 1:30am tonight, there was a shooting at W. 118th St. A tipster informs us that the incident happened at 118th and Morningside, and that residents of East Campus could hear it from the dorm.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

Update, 11:13 a.m.: Bwog has been in touch with the precinct; however, they have yet to release any information.

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  1. Cu assassins...  

    ...has taken a deadly turn.

  2. Porcupine's balls  

    they're small, and they don't give a SHIT!!

  3. there  

    are 10-15 people outside St Luke's, some are screaming/crying

  4. Anonymous  

    this wouldnt happen if we GENTRIFIED THEM

  5. damnshame

    So sad that young people rather kill another man than wish he well, wish him success! Its sad and then blacks get upset when people call them animals! Even though the system is setup for failure to cause people to be enraged its no excuse for killing someone who looks just like you! God have mercy on them!

  6. ?  

    so technically it wasn't 118 and morningside?

  7. EC  

    No, it wasn't 118th and Morningside -- ECers could see the cops and emergency vehicles outside the window and they were crowding on Manhattan Avenue, across Morningside Park. The police swarmed Morningside Park with flashlights and there were hellicopters circling.

    • Anonymous  

      The shooting was on morningside ave, not Manhattan. The street that borders the East side of the park is called morningside Avenue, as opposed to morningside drive, which is outside of E.C. Manhattan is a block East of morningside ave.

  8. Anonymous  

    Yeah that's true, it was 118th and Manhattan, not Morningside. There was an NYPD helicopter searching above the park, presumably for the shooter. From my room in EC we could hearing screaming after, and one woman's voice in particular. She kept shouting "oh my god" and we heard her yell to the ambulance to hurry up as we saw it on its way.

  9. oh, bwog comments

    I clicked the link, shocked (okay only a little) and upset that a shooting would happen so close to campus. Especially since I live on Morningside a few blocks away. Then I noticed that most of the early bwog comments were along the lines of "LOL SHOOTERS hahaha" and "omg hilarious". Kinda weird, though I guess it might be just the bwog commenting crowd being itself.

    Please give us more information as soon as you can! It's worrisome that there would be a shooting nearby at the same hour lots of us are walking home on Friday nights.

  10. ...  

    there was a LOT of activity at 119/amsterdam around 1am outside amsterdam restaurant last night. lots of loud, drunk people on the street. almost like they were holding a club night, but then decided to shut the whole thing down and kick everyone to the curb...

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