Chewbacchanal Wrap-Up: Fun Facts

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Bacchanal has come and gone, and the sun has risen on an amazingly immaculate Low Plaza once again. But while you were getting your drink on, your smoke on, and your face rocked by Wiz Khalifa, Ghostface Killah, and Of Montreal—and probably the shoe of a crowd-surfer or two—Bwog was in and around the concert venue doing some serious investigative journalism one-on-one with the artists. Here, the inside scoop and some things you might not have noticed or known:

  • First, Wiz Khalifa asked Bacchanal for a box of condoms for his waiting room in Kent. These were observed in the room after the artist had left, primarily extra-large and entirely unused.
  • Ghostface’s crew—not Ghost himself—requested several bottles of Hennessey and Grey Goose along with a six-pack of Blue Moon for backstage refreshments, but had to settle for twelve Blue Moons. Ghostface likes Blue Moon.
  • Of Montreal, among other things, required four bottles of white facepaint, two bottles of red facepaint, four pairs of white pantyhose, gauze, and diapers.
  • Bacchanal was “sponsored” by Sin energy drink. This sponsorship consisted of a single case of Sin being given to the concert.
  • Free stuff given out included T-shirts, plastic aviators, glowsticks, and… rape whistles?
  • Of Montreal loves Asian snacks. On a trip to M2M with Bwog, guitarist Bryan picked up several goodies without apparent English writing on them, two number-five sushi combos, and a bag of Tate’s cookies. He also knocked over the tips jar, but then helped pick it back up.
  • The Spectator’s first question to Of Montreal’s bassist Davey: “So why do a show at Columbia?” Bwog’s not sure if they were in disbelief or if they haven’t heard of this thing called being paid.
  • Wiz Khalifa to crowd: “Who untied my shoe?” Answer: probably the drunk kid in the front row.
  • Bwog: “What are you doing tonight?” Wiz Khalifa: “Tell them I’m studying plants.”
  • Wiz Khalifa likes Ghostface, but doesn’t listen to Of Montreal. Of Montreal (the members Bwog talked to) listens to both and especially likes Wu Tang, but feel that “hip hop is stagnant right now.” Ghostface Killah: “Wiz what? I never heard of that.” Ghostface Killah [looking at a picture of Of Montreal]: “Who is this [guy] in the fishnets?”
  • Almost all the onstage performers for Of Montreal were more than just bizarre backup dancers. That dude who put pajamas onstage? Their manager. The Chewbacca that wrestled the guy in the body suit? Their video producer.
  • The diaper- and bra-clad girls who danced (seductively?) during Of Montreal’s set were all Columbia students, and were all found for the part after 5:00. They are Sari [last name redacted] ’10, Ruthie King ’11, and Brook(e)…, who escaped before Bwog could get her full/proper name.
  • Of Montreal sold exactly one T-shirt during the course of the concert. Bwog suspects this was due to placement (the left-back side of the stage) and people not realizing T-shirts were available for purchase.

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  1. hahahha

    this is hilarious! Nice wrap-up, Bwog!

    Also, I think it's "Ruthie"

  2. Heart Bwog  

    "The Spectator’s first question to Of Montreal’s bassist Davey: “So why do a show at Columbia?” Bwog’s not sure if they were in disbelief or if they haven’t heard of this thing called being paid."


  3. its  

    brooke barrios

  4. Nobody beats the Wiz  

    Can one study plants in Butler, or is that just inconsiderate? Best study out on Low...

  5. WHAT??  

    T-shirts were available? I'd have bought one!!!

  6. 1/3  

    Ghostface was the party. Everything else was cheese.

  7. who

    the hell were the kids drinking out of wine glasses during the concert?

  8. Wow  

    I love this wrap-up. The box of condoms---sooo great.

  9. Please...

    Have something a little more masculine next year.

  10. Romilda

    haha ghostface re: of montreal. they don't hang out? i hear of montreal is featuring people on their next album maybe they could work out a collab?? i'm picturing ghostface in fishnets.

    also-- love the bullet points! such well thought-out, thorough, and sober reporting is why bwog will outdo spec every time :)

  11. the crowd  

    was so drunk and high!

    too bad nobody knew the wu shit. i wondered why so many kids wanted to get hit in the face by crowd-surfers to music they've never heard.

  12. no one  

    could sing any of liquid swords? really? ghostface was pissed that people really didn't respond to his shit, and rightfully so. c'mon, liquid swords is probably the best album of all time

  13. psh  

    thats what you get when you have people who only a few of us on campus know perform at columbiaaaa

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