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After that series of sexy posters, it was unclear whether the 2010 Tamasha South Asian Cultural Showcase could live up to the hype. But live up to the hype it did, with freshman and senior numbers from four of Columbia’s South Asian dance groups (Raas, CUBhangra, Dhoom, and Taal) and an engaging (albeit heckle-inducing) comedy show with “Funny Indian” Rajiv Satyal.

Photos by Jordan Kong, CU Photography Society

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  1. zamana  

    now has to pay $9000 to pay for the stage because they threw baby powder

  2. zamana

    has to pay for something that they fucked up though, something with the senior segment.

    • z board member  

      Again, false. Zamana did not fuck up whatsoever and at this point is not being held responsible for any incidents involving non-board members. The show was seamless and I could not be more proud of the board for all their hard work.

  3. Anonymous

    The show was great. Too bad the seniors kinda screwed Zamana over. I don't get what they did to the stage... The baby powder didn't even look that cool.

  4. psh  

    this is obviously the zamana board trying to cover its ass and try to bs its way out of admitting what they fucked up. give us the scoop bwog/bwog commenters

  5. nice!  

    sweet pictures! i loved the show!

  6. V  

    this show was amazing!! great job guys

  7. hmm  

    some of those girls in the black/sashes are hot. just thought i'd think out loud.

  8. indian girls...  

    ... are so hot. more of you need to get over yourselves and ask them out already

    • i can't tell

      if you're indian and objectifying/advocating yourself and your friends or if you're not indian but are one of those people with a specific fetish who assumes that one group of people can be objectively hotter than another. i think it's fair to say that all groups of girls, of every race/ethnicity/religion/etc. have some girls who are hot and some girls who are less so. seriously "indian girls are so hot"? i hope you were joking.

    • replying to you  

      hey im an indian girl and I dont mind at all

      • Anonymous  

        If you girls don't respect your parents, culture and religion then you won't be respected by anyone. If you don't mind then come over to my place, how much do you charge per hour?

        • replying to you  

          Wow how rude. Some people are just attracted to people from certain cultures/races, and saying that I'm fine with that doesn't mean I don't respect my parents, culture, or religion. So instead of insinuating that I'm some kind of prostitute, why don't you try and be less judgmental.

          • Anonymous  

            You must have a massive ego to think that someone who says "indian girls are so hot. please harass them" actually means to compliment you and not provoke indian people. You're where you are because of your heritage that not only gave your looks & brains but also opportunity. Be more humble and grateful that you're not behind a burkha married with 5 kids already or with parents that didn't care about culture. Anyway if that person has this fetish, he doesn't need your stamp of approval.

          • replying to you  

            I get what you are saying:)

  9. there's

    an indian a capella group at columbia? neato.

  10. there's

    an indian a capella group at columbia? neato.

    • yes...  

      ... but sadly they aren't very good. honestly, i'm all for them and wish they were actually good but they really truly weren't. except for a couple of people who could actually sing...

      • Anon  

        They just started this year. Give them a fucking break. Considering that this was their first big performance in front of an audience of nearly 700 people, I'd say they did pretty well for themselves.

  11. Anonymous  

    The Indian a capella group is called CU Sur -- we JUST started this year and were really excited for our debut performance at Tamasha! We hope you all enjoyed it :-)

  12. Acapella  

    is just too rare of a talent. you cant just pick one ethnic group and expect to field an amazing squad of such a rare talent. Acapella groups from across the student body will get the best from all over, but if youre just picking indians - they are destined to be quite awful as they were...this isnt dancing or something.

    • correct me if I'm wrong but...  

      I don't think the point of an Indian a cappella group is to restrict their membership to only Indian (or rather, Southeast Asian) students, but rather to explore the regional musical style.

  13. viewer  

    I didn't go to Tamasha this year, but I don't feel that this 'South Asian' club represents the various South Asian performers [songs, dance groups]...seems quite limited to just India....something I hope the group will improve on in the upcoming years. It's only the largest South Asian group on campus due to sheer numbers of Indians here as opposed to Pakistanis and Bengalis, or Singaporeans, etc. But that being said, I hope Tamasha continues to be successful in future years especially like the past two years.

  14. Anonymous  

    baby powder? seriously? I hope their stupidity is not gonna affect the future spacing rules for other organizations on campus who actually follow the UEM suggestions

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