Update On 118th Street Shooting

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Here’s the latest from the NYPD’s Department of Public Information on the shooting that took place Friday night, as Bwog reported:

On Saturday 4/24/10 at 0025 hours, police responded to a call of a male shot in front of 357 W118th Street, located within the confines of the 28th Precinct.  Upon arrival a M/B/31 was discovered lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to the back of his head.  EMS also responded and transported the victim to St. Luke’s Hospital where he was pronounced DOA.  Two suspects were later taken into custody and brought to the 28th Precinct in regards to this incidents.  The investigation is ongoing.
The DOA is identified as
James Williams M/B/30 of Brooklyn NY

Check back for updates.

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  1. was

    he 30, or 31? Unless the poor sot was shot on his birthday...

  2. Anonymous

    soul, not sot. really really unfortunate typo

  3. Armin Rosen  

    Can we confirm that this isn't the James Williams who was a Blue and White senior editor and wrote two Varsity Shows? The b/30 part suggests that it isn't, but if you're reading this James, please confirm for us that you're still alive. Thanks!

    • Anyone?  

      What could be more likely, though I desperately hope not, is that it's a James Williams of that age and race who has worked as a low-level officer in a bunch of different University offices. I know a few years ago he was working in Student Financial Services in Kent Hall, but I don't think he's still employed by Columbia. Can anyone confirm that this isn't him??

  4. Anonymous  

    Can we finally get an update about the incident in Carmen?

  5. KN  

    didn't two kids get kicked out of carman?

  6. Ex-Carman Resident  

    For what?
    ps: this shit is scary

  7. @Anyone?

    He definitely is not still employed by Colunbia.

    I am disgusted with myself for that. Much too soon.

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