Bwoglines: Really? After All This Time Edition

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The long-awaited Maoz on Broadway still causes a stir, along with a mention of NOM^3. (NYMag)

People still can’t figure out how to make those pesky MetroCards work. (WSJ)

The MTA budget is still being cut. (NYT)

New Yorkers still have no compassion for people dying on the streets. (BBC)

And we still cannot get rid of the asbestos. (NYT)

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  1. Anonymous

    New Yorkers.

    NOT New Yorker's.

  2. Anonymous  

    No apostrophe (New Yorkers, not New Yorker's) PLEASE. GOD.

  3. Think About It  

    I saw a man dying in the street, someone chopped off his head -- I'm the only one who stops to see if he's dead. Turns out he's dead.

  4. in all honesty  

    If I saw some guy laying on the sidewalk early in the morning, I would assume he was passed out. I definitely wouldn't touch him. If there was an insane pool of blood, I'd probably freak out and run into a store and ask them to call the police.

  5. Questions  

    How about bwog does some reporting and finds out when maoz opens

  6. p.j.

    Spectator is reporting that Maoz is opening on Wednesday, April 28 : tomorrow!

  7. Anonymous  

    Maoz took too long. I am no longer interested.

  8. 2010  

    MAOZ IS AWESOME. i am so sad it's opening as i'm about to graduate =(

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