Free Food: Free BJs and Lit Mags

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Ben&Jerry’s is available for gratuitous consumption this evening courtesy of CCSC tonight at 8pm at the Lerner Piano Lounge. Get an extra scoop if you show up in PJs! Donations will also be collected for Save the Children.

There will also be free food at Quarto Literary Magazine’s launch party and reading at 8:30pm in 501 Dodge.

Update, 8:05 p.m.: There’s a lot of people in need of some B&J!

Photo by HEH

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  1. The  

    title for this post is such a coketease.

  2. yeah  

    i was excited for a brief second

  3. seas kid  

    i luv sloppy bjs. oh yeah more hot fudge mmmm

  4. Did I  

    just see a new jester lying around? HMMMMMMMMM

  5. yo bwog  

    when's the new B&W coming out?

  6. ramps

    That is my friend sitting on the table on the ramps! The tiny, fuzzy, out-of-focus blob at the table.

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