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Hoot Magazine, Columbia’s newest—and only?—fashion publication, has readied their premiere issue for publication: it’s online now, and will hit newstands in full glossy glory shortly. As with other campus publications, we’re here to reduce it to a few sentences. This is Two-Minute Hoot.

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  1. Anonymous  

    sarah cole + virginia woolf = so hot

  2. econ major  

    They should feature Susan Elmes. My favorite outfit is her turquoise raincoat. The french prof from Chromeo would also be a great pick.

    BWOG - maybe feature professors for the next "Seen on College Walk"?

    • ummm

      yessss to Susan Elmes!!! Oh man she has horrible taste in clothes!!!! God I can't believe I had to look at that for an entire semester!!! but yes to professor edition of as seen on college walk!!!

  3. hmm  

    they need a better copy editor. also, did they not think that putting a busty woman on the cover of a magazine called "hoot" would make people think of everyone's favorite neighborhood wing joint?

  4. Forum Warrior  

    The article about the legality of unpaid internships was interesting. I've seen a couple of articles on this in the past month, and it looks like a big crackdown is coming. Pretty much every unpaid internship is laughably out of accordance with the law.

  5. Anonymous

    This magazine needs a better editor. I didn't even finish the first page of the Orthodox article because of its one-sided approach and the myriad of typos.

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