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Heard enough of the word “transparency” yet? We don’t think so! Many Columbians (apparently) have long been calling for more transparency in the grading system. CULPA’s vague and biased info on grading policies is just not enough. Although A-range percentages for classes are available to employers through Columbia transcripts, information isn’t available to students prior to […]

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Tomorrow at 8 pm WKCR Offbeat is holding a pretty exciting concert at Shea Stadium (no, not that one) in Brooklyn.  Beat bopper Alexandra Svokos sat down with Concert Coordinator Thuto Somo to learn more. Bwog: What was the the Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito show on WKCR in the 1990s like?  Has KCR had other concerts like […]

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Tonight, Tyler Benedict, CC ’13, and Poet Laureate of the Columbia University Marching Band, will compete in the Jeopardy! College Championship. Slightly less obscene than Celebrity Jeopardy!, the College Championship brings together 15 college students to answer trivia and make cheesy promo videos for the chance to win $10,000. The show will air at 7:00 […]

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A student newspaper gives “a solid fuck-you” to the administration at La Salle, after another dubiously motivated erotic experience in the classroom: “‘[One stripper] was just kind of laying on top of [the professor],’ a witness explained.”  (NY Mag, ABC Local) Students at University of Wisconsin are planning a march to stop bullying in schools […]

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Remember campus character Phillip Dupree, snowball-fight purveyor extraordinaire? He’s back in action, but this time he’s throwing shots at something much more deserving than a freshperson. Dupree and fellow Columbians Megan Armstrong and Lucy Herz have started a project to combat what he calls “the world’s 27 million dirtiest secrets”—slavery in the modern world. Their I Am […]

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Meet Daryl Seitchik, BC ’12, who’s currently studying contemporary art in France. She’s super talented and fabulous, and it’s easy to cyber-stalk her work since she keeps a cartoon blog. But even the talented and fabulous are not without problems—that really annoying Skype pixelation problem to be specific. Without further ado, we present to you Thursday […]

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Two-Minute Hoot

Hoot Magazine, Columbia’s newest—and only?—fashion publication, has readied their premiere issue for publication: it’s online now, and will hit newstands in full glossy glory shortly. As with other campus publications, we’re here to reduce it to a few sentences. This is Two-Minute Hoot. A look at unorthodox Orthodox fashion. A glance at stylish English professor Sarah […]

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Undergrads are full time students, not workers. They don't get every free like the grad students do. (read more)
Student Workers Of Columbia Interrupt President Bollinger’s Class In An Organized Walkout
October 28, 2021
If Columbia treats their graduate students with this much disregard and disrespect, imagine how they view undergraduate students. Columbia's treatment (read more)
Student Workers Of Columbia Interrupt President Bollinger’s Class In An Organized Walkout
October 27, 2021
Assuming an undergrad is unempathetic and only cares about their education. They could be angry at grad students for striking (read more)
Student Workers Of Columbia Interrupt President Bollinger’s Class In An Organized Walkout
October 27, 2021
Oh my gosh this was so good to read as comic realif from the GSSC meeting aricle, and more generally (read more)
Dress Up As Alma (And Other Statues) For Halloween
October 27, 2021

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