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40s on 40 Has Come And Gone

About 125 seniors gathered on Low around noon today to honor the time-honored tradition of sippin’ 40s on the Steps forty days before graduation. Public Safety was there in spades, kicking seniors off who didnt have their beer concealed, including those who had their beer in Nalgenes or other clear containers. Seniors with beer in coffee cups and other dark containers were spared. The Steps were relatively quiet as of about 2:30, with most people tanning shirtless on the east South Lawn or sweating away in John Jay instead. Photos to come. Enjoy the sunshine, friends.

Update: Overheard

Public Safety officer to a senior, pointing to his coffee cup: “I like your disguise.”

Update: Photos!

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  • oops says:

    @oops that’s today? oh well.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous way to go at being assholes, columbia

    go ahead, ruin a time-honored tradition


    1. Time honored tradition? says:

      @Time honored tradition? Sure, it’s been happening since before the seniors were freshman, but it’s only been happening since the early 2000s (according to wikicu). Compared to some other things at Columbia, it hasn’t been around too long.

      But it does suck that for at least one day a year, seniors can’t get drunk on the steps. I wish public safety would just ignore it. This school needs to loosen up every once in a while.

  • I... says:

    @I... celebrated yesterday? whoops.

  • Alum says:

    @Alum And today would have been such a perfect day for it too.

    Oh for the days when it looked like this

    Not that that those pics really do it justice, but that’s definitely one of my best memories of college….esp when people started doing beer bongs from the lap of Alma Mater

  • Completely Ridiculous says:

    @Completely Ridiculous Today I realized why Columbia tuition is so high. While sitting on the steps, there were at least 40 administrators or public safety officers milling around. I’m guessing that all of them probably make more than $50k a year. Basically, Columbia is paying a bunch of people to stand around and shit on the few students trying to have fun at this school.

    …Columbia is the Man. Fuck the Man! And fuck you, Columbia!

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous 51 has passed. you’re a fool.

  • just drank says:

    @just drank champagne on the lawn. the popping noise didn’t attract security. awesome.

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