Ladies and gents, the rumors are true/false/sortakinda accurate, depending on your sources: legendary Wu Tang member Ghostface Killah, Outback Steakhouse-promoting psychedelic indie outfit Of Montreal, and remixing/upcoming Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa will play Bacchanal on Saturday, April 24th. Bacchanal’s theme this year is Chewbacchanal, and readers should be on the lookout for real-life Chewie sightings around campus this week. The Spring Concert will begin at 6 PM, and Bacchanal will be providing the other treats we’ve come to expect: a screening of Coraline on the Steps on 4/20 (but beware: there are only 300 3D glasses—first come, first serve), an outdoor carnival, a bagel brunch, and more. The full schedule of events has not yet been finalized by the Bacchanal crew, but we’ll let you know as soon as it is.

In the meantime, party people get ready: start flashing the Wu ‘W’ at inopportune moments, start getting creative with your eye makeup and/or facial hair, and ink ya whole body (but don’t give a motherfuck.)

Update: Around midnight tonight, there was actually a real-life Chewie spotted in Butler, hyping up Bacchanal:

We checked in with the fearless leaders of Bacchanal to ask them about their best concert experiences, and the craziest thing they’ve been offered to reveal the Bacchanal lineup early, after the jump.

Alex Kirk, President:

Favorite Wiz Khalifa Song? “The Thrill”

Best show you’ve ever been to? A tie between the Killers and the 97.9 Summer Jam, it’s this ridiculous hip hop station summer concert that had Ludacris, Khia, Shawna, Mike Jonez, Three 6 Mafia who we hung out with back stage with the Cool Kids and a bunch of other artists. Basically the highlight of my high school years.

Craziest offer to reveal Bacchanal lineup? I’ve had some pretty crazy offers of people being my “bff forever” in exchange for knowing the artists but mostly I just get free drinks which is pretty awesome.

Jody Zellman, Co-President:

Favorite Of Montreal song? “Gronlandic Edit”

Best show you’ve ever been to? Tie between Weird Al Yankovic’s 1996 Bad Hair Day tour and the Phish reunion show in Hampton, VA last March.

Hardest part of planning Bacchanal? The endless task of navigating through the dozens of Columbia administrative departments from whom we need to receive approval to amplify sound, use the lawns, fill the Low fountains with Jello, etc. Another hard thing is getting the approval from the administration to use some of our money to bribe God, to prevent it from raining during the concert.

Craziest offer to reveal the Bacchanal lineup? My parents threatened to stop paying my tuition if I didn’t tell them who the artists are. I broke under pressure, and for that I am truly sorry.

Dan Weinstein, Concert Chair:

Favorite Ghostface song? “Daytona 500”

Hardest part of planning Bacchanal? Lots of phone numbers to remember. Also it’s tough to get a good combination of artists who will appeal to a broad range. Booking an act is way trickier than just calling the group up and saying we’d like to hire them.

Craziest offer to reveal the Bacchanal lineup? Nobody’s offered me anything too good. I probably would have given in to ice cream though.

Anything else? I think it’s a big deal that we’ll be holding it at night…there will be glow sticks. Like 2,000 of them. The glow sticks are important.

Mia Johnson, Concert Chair:

Favorite Ghostface song? “The Mask” ft. Dangerdoom

Best show you’ve ever been to? Most memorable was Justice was because of a bloody nose, and crowd surfing on stage to get help.

Hardest part of planning Bacchanal? Finding artists we liked that weren’t busy having babies, globetrotting, or engaged previously.

Craziest offer to reveal the Bacchanal lineup? People have offered some pretty compromising things.