Once again we bring you the latest from last night’s CCSC meeting:

Though there was no evidence of post-election fatigue, last night’s CCSC meeting stayed at a tight 75 minutes, with the focus on two topics. First, the council discussed the “compromise” resolution in front of the University Senate that would allow students to reschedule exams on December 23rd if the exam presents “undue hardship.” When asked about mechanisms for enforcement, CC Senator Alex Frouman said the process would “piggyback” on the current process that allows students to reschedule one exam if they have three scheduled in a 24-hour period. Council members generally expressed support for the idea, but also expressed concerns that the compromise did not increase the number of study days, an issue that several members argued still needed to be resolved. Current junior class president and incoming CCSC president Learned Foote suggested that the Senate resolution may have been crafted in response to the student Facebook petition, which largely focused on the 23rd rather than the lack of study days. VP for Finance Nuriel Moghavem also noted that the councils should look to make sure future classes could easily go about the rescheduling process, given the five-year gap between calendar problems.

The rest of the meeting concerned future student elections, including an interview with Alex Rosen, currently the only candidate for chair of next year’s Elections Board, and a larger discussion of what worked and what didn’t work during this past elections season. Particular attention was paid to how parties could publicize themselves, including poster rules and more events to meet candidates, and changing the rules of the pre-election campaign moratorium.