M2M recently debuted a new burger that got us excited, so we decided to go and check it out. Chief Poultry Correspondent Brian Phillips Donahoe pens our review:

Bwog was already giddy with anticipation when we saw the signs: M2M was introducing a new chicken burger. Come dinner time, we joined the disorganized and agitated crowd spilling into the cookie aisle that constitutes the M2M ordering line, and a mere half hour later we were ready to hit the Steps, chicken burger in hand.

Perhaps we should have been tipped off by a member of the M2M kitchen staff who, when asked if the new menu item was popular, answered only with a quiet, “not today, not today.” It might have been the culinary ecstasy that is the M2M cheeseburger deluxe with grilled mushrooms that ruined us, but Bwog had mixed feelings about this latest creation.

The patty (and it is a patty, not, as we had heard rumored, a filet) has a strange tangy taste to it, and lacks its bovine counterpart’s succulence. That being said, the burger was more than tolerable, and unlike the original, the chicken burger doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve just downed a glass of bacon grease.

So we say, go! Try one for yourself! At $4.50 ($5.50 with fries) the chicken burger is a gamble worth taking. You probably won’t switch from your twice-a-day cheeseburger deluxe routine, but you will learn something new and profound about the idiom “variety is the spice of life.”