Last night’s SGA meeting focused on funding for BC Greek life. At present, SGA does not fund groups that require dues, as per their constitution. Student Activities Fees given by the SGA can only go to events that serve the broader communities; the possibility of a Greek public list serve was discussed, which would make information on philanthropic and public events (Blood Drives, NSOP Barbeque, etc) available to the greater student body.

Currently, SEAS and CC pay for Barnard students to be part of sororities. Barnard sororities have received gifts from SGA, but these gifts aren’t guaranteed. Sororities have asked SGA to recognize the IGC, arguing that the responsibility to support Barnard Student involvement shouldn’t fall onto SEAS and CCSC.

Results of the motion and the rest of the report after the jump

Currently, 10.4% Barnard students are involved in Greek life, who make up approximately 52% of the  total number of women. This motion was not met with the required 2/3 majority and thus did not pass. Next steps may include polling the student body, or putting in another motion.

Other topics discussed:

  • The ever topical academic calendar. One of the reasons faculty opposes starting before Labor Day is it would conflict with conferences that many staff/faculty need to attend. Faculty proposed getting rid of Election Day Weekend in order to lengthen the study time. The decision to be tabled until next plenary.
  • The “Table for Two” project, in which proceeds go to the Millennium Villages. “Table for Two” consists of pre-packaged meals prepared by Columbia University, available for purchase by students. The food will be slightly cheaper and lower calorie content so that people can understand the type of food consumed in African villages. No decision was reached.

-Reporting by Caitlin Lynch