1. Anonymous

    can i lick it up?

  2. studyfail

    to be fair though, "false advertising" shouldn't really be a tag because this person wasn't using the spill proof mug. He/she had the regular disposable cup, and was clearly breaking library rules! As was the person in the bottom left of the photo! Bandits! I'm calling a librarian.

  3. Anonymous  

    Really? I can't believe this is news, way to go Bwog.

  4. Anonymous  

    the post isn't actually that interesting, but the tags make it amusing/adorable

  5. Anonymous  

    A mathematical proof on spills?

  6. oh no!

    i' m genuinely saddened for the person who lost their laptop so soon to finals.

    (even if it's a mac)


    • yea

      i did this to someone's laptop in butler once. i paid them for it, but i'm pretty sure i'm still going to hell. killing someone's notes/papers/itunes/etc all in one go is truly terrible.

  7. ...  

    bwog is an acronym for "bloody wall of gore."

  8. fresh  

    from the breaking news that matters department: failed car-bomb in Times Square.

  9. idiots  

    they continue studying...go get some paper towels fools...

  10. Fried Laptop  

    that's what you get when you leave your stuff on the table to save your spot while you go get lunch, take a nap, and do your laundry

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