Free Food: Pizzas, Paninis, and Playtime Picnic

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It’s a perfect day for a springtime picnic! For some slices from Famiglia, sandwiches and wraps from Westside, iced tea, lemonade, and other miscellaneous yummy snacks, all on CC 2011’s dime, head over to the Wien Courtyard from noon to 3.

Rumor has it that there will also be outdoor games. (Relay races? Water balloon fights? Capture the Flag?!) Go, have fun, and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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  1. Also,

    free concert in Riverside Park by the Wind Ensemble at 2.

  2. Anonymous  

    They're already out of food. It looks like they got, like, 8 pizzas and a few sandwiches. There's still iced tea and lemonade, though.

    • Yep,  

      that was a pretty horribly planned event. The name of it was the best part, and it was all downhill from there... hopefully they'll put more effort into it next time.

  3. Free food!

    5$ BBQ- Van Am Quad Now!!

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