Finals Are Really Stressful!

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Does anyone else feel that way?! Go to these study spots with extended hours and compare how many finals you have with the person sitting next to you as the sun rises.

As always, Lerner is open 24 hours during reading week and exams.  Mudd is open for everyone with swipe access: SEAS students or anyone who sneaks in the still-broken sliding doors.

Libraries on campus have extended hours and all the Milstein Reading Rooms are “23/7” (one hour to hide your stuff and awaken nappers).  The full details are on the official libraries’ blog (who knew?!)

Lastly, Hillel is open until 2 and 3 a.m. this week and will have a 6 a.m. breakfast for you night owls on Sunday.

If you’re still lost, there’s always the standard list of University-sanctioned study spaces.  Happy studying and lay off the Monster.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Hillel has AMAZING study space. And free food all day long :)

  2. Very Anonymous  

    Lay off the monster? How else do I relieve stress during reading week?

  3. ANON  

    where is hillel?

  4. hillel  

    is across the street from schapiro. Butler smells.

  5. hillel  

    and there's a cafe on the 2nd floor-
    606 w.115th st

  6. Harmony Hunter

    when is Harmony open? also where is it?

    • I was  

      unsure about this high/low rating system and how it hides bad comments until i saw that harmony hunters comment was hidden. i now fully support this change

  7. what  

    kind of food do they have? worth it?

  8. hillel  

    middle eastern food
    really good

  9. Hillel  

    Where is this free food?

  10. Sue  

    The King's Crown Room of John Jay Dining Hall (enter through John Jay Lobby) is also open from 9pm to 5am tonight until May 13! They will be serving FREE coffee, hot chocolate, and cookies DAILY!

  11. Bwog!  

    Please write about the Carman "fires". It is the 3rd time in less than a day that the whole building has been evacuated after the fire alarms go off falsely. Columbia should get its sh$t together, especially when people are studying for finals.

  12. Small Sample Size  

    Signs that Columbia truly does love hating, on this page alone:

    11 Ups
    38 Downs
    (9-15, minus that Harmony Hunting douchebag)

  13. ...  

    did you know that the internet is literally a treasure trove of information on why we procrastinate and how to beat it? you can go read about it, right now, for hours...

  14. Anonymous  

    There is nothing ruder than all these people camping out in butler for 48 hours at a time! Can we establish some common courtesy rules --
    1). if you are going to SHOWER, take your stuff
    2). if you are going to eat a SEVEN COURSE MEAL, take your stuff
    3). if you are going to take a NAP, take your stuff

    I'm stuck here sitting in an aisle because this entire room is full of peoples' shit, three quarters of them not here themselves!!! IT's just RUDE, everyone wants a spot in butler, and if you're not here using it, TAKE YOUR STUFF

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