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A happy Cinco de Mayo to you and yours! We hear the Reference Room is craazy right now.

Floridita isn’t giving up without a fight. (City Room)

Bloomberg goes to Washington: the city needs more homeland security funds. (NY Post)

Last night at Christie’s Picasso’s “Nude, Green Leaves, And A Bust” became the most expensive piece of art ever sold— it went for $106.5 million. (NYT)

On an entirely separate note, Bwog wants to draw your attention to this Spec Op-Ed about one person’s struggle with Columbia’s sexual assault policy. Bwog has asked for confirmation of the events listed in the Op-Ed from representatives of Dean Shollenberger’s and Dean Moody-Adams’ offices. We are yet to hear back from the former, and the latter has declined to comment.

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  1. CC'13  

    everybody should read the Op-Ed. Just one more example of the egregious failings of University bureaucracy

  2. ...  

    Bwog, maybe you should give the op-ed its own entry, in order to draw more attention to it. It's pretty sad to see so many comments about senior wisdoms and almost nothing about a sexual assault that has been seemingly swept under the rug by the administration.

  3. yes - separate thread

    that's a huge deal and CU officials need to say something about it their legal commitments notwithstanding.

  4. Eliza  (Bwog Staff)

    We agree that the Op-Ed is an extremely important read. We've highlighted it here as prominently as possible; it's been up the entire day and if people aren't commenting on it, we can't control that. We have no information on our part to add, nor did we get any information from the administrators we contacted, so we really have nothing to post except the link. You're all welcome to encourage conversations on larger threads by linking back to the Op-Ed or this post, that's often how conversations get reignited.

  5. Perhaps  

    you could talk about the responses generated by the article. They're quite shocking, even for Bwog commenters.

  6. Eliza  (Bwog Staff)

    Almost all of the many comments on the Op-Ed are from after we posted the link this morning- fair to say the discussion is taking place on the article itself. There's definitely an outpouring of response, but we can't say anything about the nature of the comments (just as we don't on regular Bwog threads) without it being an Op-Ed of our own.

  7. Keep commenting  

    on this post so it'll show up in "recent comments" and attract more readers/awareness!!!

  8. ...  

    may i have your attention please?

    the following is a public service announcement: if you are ever sexually or physically assaulted, or are in imminent danger of being sexually or physically assaulted. do not contact your RA, columbia public safety or members of the columbia administration. call the fucking police like any reasonable person would.

    thank you for your cooperation.

    • Anonymous  

      I agree, but you do have to understand that from day one at Columbia (and at many colleges), students are bombarded with the message that, if sexually assaulted, there are many on campus organizations present to help them, especially if they feel uncomfortable going to the NYPD. If a similar thing happened to me, I would also likely go to the on campus resources first, because it feels like they're here to serve me and help me, one of their own students, through the situation, and it would be much more personally handled (this is of course before reading this story-now, yes, I'd probably go to NYPD).

    • Really?  

      So if you were male (and I bet you are), and sodomized, you would report this immediately to the police? Be a little more compassionate, mr. reasonable.

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