Columbia Cares About You From 10-12 Tonight

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This is what studying looks like, according to the Libraries website

Zoinks! Columbia, or the librarians, or someone nice and also official, is giving out free bagels with cream cheese, fruit, and Oren’s (!) coffee tonight in Butler Cafe from 10 to midnight. Don’t be late, we are cautioned: supplies are limited. There will also be some study break activites, maybe some deep breathing and the like. Study break tips and more info here.

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  1. Anonymous  

    wait, so who is sponsoring this? It's awesome.

  2. that girl

    would look hot as fuck in a light blue tight tight tight tanktop with tight white pants.

    does she go to columbia? can i bequeath her?

    • what  

      is wrong with you

      • Lets talk statistics

        Well, statistically speaking, and by using statistical inference, 2/8 people "like" my post (not including me since the OP can't vote), and 6/8 do not. 2/8 = 25% and 25% of ~20,000 Columbia students is 5000.

        Thus, we can estimate that 5000 at this school believes that the above-mentioned female "would look hot as fuck in a light blue tight tight tight tanktop with tight white pants." and perhaps 100% of that 5000 would, given the right time and lack of NYPD, proceed to "bequeath" her.

        • Lets talk statistics

          of course, it USED to be 2/ it's 2/10. but of course it clearly shows that more prude people are up at this time of night on BWOG instead of properly celebrating Cinco de mayo. You putos.

    • umm  

      i mean... id do her as is...

  3. love  

    the God exists tag. I thought I was gonna have to hit up fourbucks for coffee for my late night cramming.

    also recaptcha: people enamors... telling maybe...

  4. Anonymous

    first off, learn logic. second, i highly doubt grad students read this blog.

  5. thank you!  

    Thank you Library people for giving me coffee and smelly markers to doodle all over the table. I couldn't help sniffing the markers the whole time.

  6. Only 11  

    And they're out of the goods! Librarian underestimate how ravenous stressed undergrads can be...
    from the remains tho it looked like it was a good spread!

  7. From one of the librarians...  

    ...I'm so sorry we ran out early! We finished setting up a lot earlier than we expected, so we actually started giving stuff out at around 9:30. By 11, all was gone.

    We really loved doing this, and we wish you all well in the coming days! We'll be doing this again, next year--see you then!


    "Columbia Cares About You From 10-12 Tonight" ??

    If Columbia really cared about me from 10-12 PM, they'd send that above female over and let me hit that from dusk to dawn and we make the bed rock you can feel the BANG BANG BANG and the FAP FAP FAP all the way in fuckin modern Japan. The Pakistani car bomb guy ain't got nothin on me.

  9. my god...  

    such strange, lonely, horny people comment on bwog. Clearly [email protected] refugees.

  10. yep

    I was the first to predict this in another post: Bwog comment rankings will make this the new

  11. That  

    was a beautiful study break.

  12. the flowers  

    were a nice touch. I could pretend that my orgo homework finally realized that our relationship is more than casual...orgo gives me flowers on our dates.

  13. From another one of the librarians

    We're so glad you enjoyed the study break. Good luck with your finals. Congratulations to those of you who are graduating. We'll see the rest of you next year!

  14. Librarian  

    You can find pics from the study break on the Libraries' Facebook page:

    See you next year! (Or anytime, at the library.)

  15. otart

    Jennifer R perfect again!

  16. Anonymous  

    oh look they took a picture of my "party in Butt-ler" pigeons! and someone cleverly drew a 'stache on my pink and blue girl. genius. :)

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