Free Bagels And Hegel(s)

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Professor Hamid Dabashi is hosting a review session about Hegel for CC sophomores and anyone else interested in chatting with CC sophomores about Hegel today, from 2-3:30, in Hamilton (room unannounced, look for signs in the lobby).

The Facebook event’s wall doth runneth over with other semi-rhyming philosopher/food combinations. Bwog likes “Machiavelli and vermicelli”; “Oreos and Foucault” not so much.

Update, 1:20: And there’s more! Free spring rolls and Pellegrino in the Lerner Piano Lounge for SEADS in Cambodia’s Information Session.

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  1. It's...  

    impossible for me to think "philosopher" and "rhyming" without remembering this Monty Python song:

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