The Case of the Rather Short Lounge Chairs

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Early this morning, Bwog received an urgent message: “Chairs Piano Lounge,” wrote the anonymous tipster.  “They’re new.  They’re now.”

Accompanying these cryptic messages were photos of the old beige chairs in undignified stacks by the ramps.

This afternoon, Bwog Private Eye Carolyn Ruvkun went to investigate.

“Verdict: firm, supportive back.  Less butt cushioning,” she wrote in her notes.  She called the color choice “practical” but noted that the “grey chairs on grey carpet with grey and black tables” was a little “drab.”

They may be stain-proof, yes, but Bwog would have preferred a deep blue.

Photos by Caitlyn Gillikan, Pat Blute, and Carolyn Ruvkun, and Gavin McGown

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  1. Hmm  

    What are they doing with the old ones?

  2. irrelevent  

    why were the LitHum passage ids so bland and HARD?!

  3. =(  

    RIP lerner piano lounge chairs...your bland but reassuring hue will be missed.

  4. Anonymous  

    just in time for commencement...

  5. w o w  

    really, this is where all of our money gets drained to. great.

  6. it looks an airport

  7. curious  

    chairs for chairs.

  8. YO!

    I'm so tired of people hogging the table on Lerner 3 near the Computer Lab. Eat your lunch in the cafe across the stupid fucking ramp!!!

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