Real-Life Puppy Study Break

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Bwog puppy-cuddler Claire Sabel found a puppy adoption truck parked on 104 and Broadway.  It’s too bad we can’t keep them in our dorms, but they look like they’re fun to play with!



  1. Anonymous  

    I want one!

  2. Love.

    Never buy from a breeder! Adopt!

  3. puppy cops  

    we have the situation under control, please remain calm

  4. i miss  

    my dog back home.

  5. Adam Nobler  

    So that's what the dinges are.

  6. best study break ever!  

    seriously! my friend and I left the library to see the adorable puppies and kittens, stopping at silver moon bakery on the way. it was so worth it

  7. WHY  

    DID I NOT CHECK BWOG THIS AFTERNOON? I want to see puppies :(

  8. Anonymous  

    i see the puppies, but where are the cops?

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