Pillowfight 2010: A Photographic Journey

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Columbia, you are ferocious!
Photos by HEH

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  1. Anonymous  

    hey it's Mabo! and the picture of those two guys with the weird stick things is pretty epic. The one in the camo is Team Butler - I charged with him in the frontline!

  2. little known  

    ditty that went down earlier on Sunday was a mini flashmob!

    Sadly not so many people were on the steps/plaza to see it, but it was pretty cool!

  3. Anonymous  

    absolutely epic

  4. Anonymous  

    yay lisa! awesome instigating.

  5. Camo Jacket/Pillow Sword Samurai  

    HANS IS THE MOST EPIC PHOTOGRAPHER EVER! For great justiiiiiice!

  6. Anonymous

    MORE PHOTOS!!!! Please!?! Did anyone get a video of it?

  7. phillip dupree

    is the man.


  8. hmm  

    In my four years of being here, I never once took part in this. I'm wondering how sad I really am about this fact.

  9. And then what?

    Let facilities clean this shit up? Grow up, kids.

  10. old man

    get off my lawn!!

  11. me  

    what kind of camera were these taken with?

  12. Bouncing flash of the ceiling of the ten  

    what advantageous lighting conditions!

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