Senior Wisdom: Ameneh Bordi

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Name, school: Ameneh Bordi, CC

Claim to fame: Director of the Varsity Show. Other theatrical events. I hope that’s why people know me…

Where are you going? I will be staying in the city for the summer, and then I hope someone would like me to direct something for them. I applied for a few directing fellowships, but haven’t gotten any yet.

Three things you learned at Columbia:

  1. If I don’t drink or smoke or go out one night when everyone else is, that’s fine. But if it becomes every time that I’m passing, then I’ve become lame. Don’t be lame now, I guess is the moral to that- there will be time later to be lame when there’s real life to deal with.
  2. I really like philosophy. Its very applicable to my daily life, and it really makes me think about the world in a totally different way.
  3. People are really different. I never understood before I got here that being weird was normal, and that people actual do things they want to do, not just what they’re good at. Also, I learned that some people really like doing stuff I hate (like econ and pre-med) so I should leave that stuff to them and do the things that I love.

Justify your existence in 30 words or fewer: I would like to live a life full of love, make people feel joy, and be young as long as possible. Also, Wheat Thins.

Any stories from the War on Fun? Oh man 40’s on 40 this year was insane. Sneaking swigs while surrounded by a dozen plain-clothes public safety guys was a surreal experience. I was trying to be super friendly with them all, because I felt bad that they had to chaperone a bunch of adults, but seriously they could have given us a few more feet of space.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? Keep cheese. To be honest, I’ve had more amazing cheese experiences. But if someone is into changing my mind, I’m down.

Any advice for the Class of 2014? Oh 2014! You are so young! Sit outside more than you think is OK. Eat at P&W. Discover ways to get from one floor of Lerner to another without using the elevator or ramps. Visit people who live in other dorms.

Any regrets? I regret not visiting people in other dorms more. I was a bit of an EC bum this year, but I missed out on some lovely Woodbridge and Ruggles friends. I also wish I had taken more philosophy and maybe written a thesis. Then again, I’m not regretting not having a thesis right now.

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  1. Anonymous  

    yay ameneh! sweet girl and genuinely cool and interesting. good choice for SW.

  2. this is probably obvious  

    But what is P&W?

  3. eh

    boring as hell. " i really like philosophy." "people are really different." the world is like, so complex, and stuff.

  4. I'm down  

    isn't it weird that bwog isn't in bwog's spell check?

  5. um  

    was she high when she wrote this?

    answer: yes
    response: awesome

  6. Anonymous  

    What about an athlete for senior wisdom?

  7. Gimme More!  

    We need Giselle Obregon sw NOW! Bwog will not regret it.

  8. YES  

    Ameneh Bordi is the love of my life.

  9. is it just me  

    or did this not make any sense?

    grammar, people!

  10. finally  

    a great cheese answer that doesn't make an awkward hint about their promiscuity or sexual orientation

  11. ...  


  12. BWOG  

    BWOG how can you not post about this adderall controversy thats going on around campus? didnt you read those articles?

  13. Ameneh  

    I'd like to try. How can I contact you?

  14. I think  

    this was great! everyone who says it's boring... you're boring.
    we're all boring isn't it great!

    great great great great great
    oh yeah finals

  15. Dear Ameneh,

    I just met you last week...can I take you out and if things go well try to change your mind?

  16. Anonymous  

    Hello, CU Housing and Dining!
    Check out is in 4 days. I would like to know where my summer housing is, since I'm moving there in 4 days.

  17. CC student  

    BWOG, no GS senior wisdom? Really?

  18. ...  

    "Don't become lame now, there's a moral to that..."

    no, really. i don't think there is.

  19. Off topic baby  

    I am burnt out, guys.

  20. CRod  

    Actually, drinking and smoking is lame.

    Anyone who smokes is a complete idiot considering how clear it is that it damages your body. Either that, or they are lame.

    A drink or two or three is fine. But when it gets to the point where you have little control over what you say or do, because you are afraid to be yourself, then that, too, is lame.

    • HardRod  

      Actually, magnanimously sharing your wisdom from the beyond with us tragically mislead college students is lame.

      Go get laid.

    • Actually,  

      Sitting hunched over a computer all day in Butler, eating high fructose pastries from Blue Java and chugging caffeine is bad for your body too. Get over yourself.

      Anyway, I don't think she's talking about cigarettes..

  21. YES!  

    YES to Giselle O! Ask her bwog, ask her!

  22. Anonymous  

    A for effort! find me on facebook - a week till graduation means trying to meet everyone!

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