Senior Wisdom: Deysy Ordóñez-Arreola

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Name, school: Deysy Ordóñez-Arreola, CC

Claim to fame: CCSC Vice-President for Campus Life; President of Sabor; Student Organization of Latinos; Organization of Pakistani Students; CU Bellydance; and taught Spanish GED (math) in Washington Heights.

Where are you going? Macau on a Fulbright.

Three things you learned at Columbia:

  1. If you get to know your professors they will help you with anything
  2. Music and food bring people together [AND you can live off of studybreaks and events—free food and sometimes clothes!]
  3. Controversy can be seen as chaotic but it ignites conversations on differences—and differences make life interesting; e.g. Ahmadinejad at Columbia.

Justify your existence in 30 words or fewer: Apart from giving out free food, shirts, foam paws, more shirts…I believe in the wise words of the powerful Jedi Master, Yoda: “Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try”.

Any war stories from the War on Fun? Was on council….enough said.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? Oh boy….how about we combine them instead?

Any advice for the Class of 2014?

  1. Don’t be afraid to try new things–really, be open minded and outgoing.
  2. The sooner you get over the fact that you were valedictorian or whatever form of big-shot in high school, the sooner you will enjoy the amazing people around you! Remember everyone at Columbia worked really hard to get here–learn about people’s stories!
  3. will get you around the city, yep, 4 years in the city and I still use it.
  4. Live. Love. Laugh….and Smile!

Any regrets?
Never trying the frozen yogurt at the Tasti D-Lite in Lerner. (For the young ones—it was above Ferris Booth and moved out in 2009). Oh well, Pinkberry came just in time.

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  1. lets not  

    combine oral sex and cheese. its just not kosher in so many ways.

  2. pico

    also, there is froyo at 212 in lerner

  3. An interesting prospect though...  

    Perhaps a relevant pickup line would be something like:
    Deuteronomy 14:21 may not recommend it, but you can boil my kid in its mother's milk....

  4. Karen  

    LOVE you Deysy!!! I wish we'd met sooner, congrats on the Fulbright! and advice #s 2 and 3 are SO TRUE.

  5. Anonymous  

    i want some extra penis on those nachos

  6. bleh  

    worst cheese answer ever.

  7. fix that  

    The accent is wrong. Unless if that's how she writes it. But the tilde in Spanish goes the other way.

    ò --> ó

  8. Anonymous

    can we stop with all the student council people? they arent funny, or sincere, or insightful. i think deysy is an amazing girl, who's done a lot for her school...but her sw isnt particularly memorable. seriously, there are so many amazing seniors out there, who aren't on student council. there is WAY more to columbia than a bunch of student council floozies.

    • rob  

      i agree, but way to back-track! council people aren't "funny, or sincere, or insightful"--BUTTT this one's "amazing!"... even though her senior wisdom "isn't particularly memorable" (tell us what you *really* think...)

      • Anonymous

        i was scatter-brained - deysy, in person, is amazing esp when compared to the rest of the student council people, because she actually cared about the wellbeing of the campus, and she actually busted out some stellar events. her senior wisdom was lack luster, as were the other student council senior wisdoms. difference is, at least she's got dimension in person while the other student council folk are as uninteresting as their sw.

  9. Anonymous  

    i bet you all would find some awesome senior wisdom from random seniors you find on college walk or out at a bar. I know loads of funny, insightful, amazing seniors who aren't particularly "known" on campus but have just as much (if not more) wisdom than the people on council, the valedictorian, etc

    • hm  

      (I think that's why they asked you to nominate people?)

      • ...  

        selecting a few at random could be interesting. there's a certain personality type that lends itself to being nominated for this sort of thing, random selection might introduce some variety.

        • ~

          I could not agree with you more. Not to say that these kids aren't at all interesting or that they don't deserve their moment on Bwog, but anyone known enough on campus to make it on senior wisdoms is going to be (by default) a little bit pompous. I feel like a randomly selected senior would be less prone to platitudes and otherwise banal remarks. Plus, I "know" these people. I want to be introduced to someone on senior wisdoms who hasn't (a) tried to give me a tshirt; (b) tried to sing/act/dance/or otherwise perform in front of me; or (c) been so type A that they stood out even at Columbia.

    • I AM  


  10. Anonymous  

    deysey has done a lot... but boy, there are very few neurons firing up there for her.

  11. WHY  

    all the student council people!? Is this the way it was every other year, or is our class just full on completely uninteresting and bland people?

    Ugh, get more people like Mike, Sari and Paul. Those people were full of win.

  12. how 'bout more  


  13. i'm still waiting  

    for sarah marybelle weiss. where's her sw?

    • ugh  

      I think sarah is great, but she's so boring. Just use this areola chick as an example of senior wisdoms not to post, bwog. This was so boring.

      • ???  

        you obviously don't know Sarah Weiss. She is not boring at all! I have known her for 4 years and I can count on one hand the people I have met in my life that are as kind and sincere as she is. Not to mention that she has literally dedicated 4 years of her life to this school--to us. Anyone who has ever stepped inside Butler knows that on any given day at 5 in the morning Sarah is there working.

  14. Anonymous

    Hey let's get some GS Senior Wisdom

  15. sooo...  

    she wants to give cheese head?

  16. Confounded  

    Are people seriously hating on the cheese response? For my part, that's hands down the best one yet--especially from an ostensibly enticing señorita.

  17. post  

    Dan Miranda's SW already... I know he's turned one in

  18. suggestion

    Jane Friedhof is an interesting person.

  19. Ahem

    To all you folks concerned that Joe Columbia isn't represented here...that's what senior week is for! Go out, talk to the kid you haven't spoken to since freshman year (if ever?) and (now bear with me on this one) get their senior wisdom...from them! Directly! You can just ask these people what they're doing next year, or what they've gotten out of their experience, or their brie vs. cunnilingus preferences and they'll probably just tell you! Neat, huh?

  20. boy

    does she have an unfortunate last name.

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