When Nowhere Else Will Do

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This dude was spotted studying in the Carman service elevator the other day, sitting on his dorm chair stolen lounge chair (that’ll land you in Columbia prison, son) under an unplugged desklamp and with his trusty Nalgene at his side. Bwog gives up.

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  1. roommate  

    he was sexiled all day...

  2. annoying, though  

    you gotta give him credit for being a creative attention whore.

    at least he didn't stay up all night in Butler, posting status updates every hour and then joining the group "I've Done the Walk of Shame...from Butler Library," finishing it all of with one last update about how tired they are.

    then reality, and stupidity, sets in.

  3. ,,  

    wait what the fuck? sometimes i really hate this school

  4. senior wisdom  

    dude, take care of your stuff in small increments throughout the semester and finals week is like early vacation. no need for elevator studying!

  5. not the guy in the elevator  

    He looks like a straight shooter with upper management written all over him.

  6. Ugh.

    His paper reads, "I am interesting and people like me. I am interesting and people like me. I am interesting..."

  7. um ...  

    whats the need for the unplugged desk lamp? is that just for show?

  8. iBeam  

    Pretty sure that's not a dorm room chair. Looks more like lounge furniture.

  9. oh, you guys  

    i think this is great.

  10. FML  

    i can't take this anymore. why aren't i done yet..a..0 f09asdgpifakjdsn;gfas

  11. hey guys  

    ...thats not nice

  12. Anonymous  


  13. haha

    that's kinda hilarious.

    ridiculous, attention-whorey, and odd, but still hilarious.

  14. Wow,  

    I've ALWAYS wanted to do that.

    I also feel like last year, there was a couch at some point in the elevator... But maybe I'm making that up.

  15. btw thats...

    stephen iglehart

  16. Anonymous  

    not funny, rude. Shows he didnt learn anything moral at cc or seas.

  17. Anonymous  

    This reminds me of another cc grad, sulzburger, who was the publisher of the new york times during the holocaust. All the other publishers looked to him for an example. So as a Jewish publisher, he didnt want to give any what he considered undue influence in favor of Jews so he basically suppressed all the info about the Holocaust so the average American didnt learn the truth until after world war 2. Where did he get his philosophical pedigree?? In those great dialogue's of Plato and the rest of the core. Im sure if someone confronted him he would say "you really have to understand my reasoning." There is no explanation necessary, the facts ARE the explanation. This is a similar in its worldview. He has no concern for others, and a smug sense of the rightness of his position. Another Sulzburger in the making. Anyone know his name?? Lets black list him from all the places he wants to work at and be a member of in the future.

  18. Mistaking the elevator...

    ...for a different kind of space is only funny when Borat does it.

    "Thees is not my rooom?"

  19. JJ5

    Doesn't that lamp need an outlet???!!!

  20. awww  

    I want to hug him.

    (probably because I used to study for AP tests in my bathroom)

  21. Marathi Pride  

    I was actually in this elevator and saw the spectacle...I subsequently told all my friends about it and now it's here, so funny, that kid is cool, I hope he didn't mind all the elevator movements.

  22. Anonymous

    is that steven iglehart

  23. Vegetarian4Life

    If that is Steven Iglehart, big props to him. The Dipsea t-shirt makes it most likely him. He is the best and will own anybody at running.

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