Senior Wisdom: Richard Brown

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Name, school: Dick Bullitt Brown, University of Havana – North

Claim to fame: Butt-ass naked CC presentation on ontological anarchy. The author, Hakim Bey, is a Columbia grad, like me.

Where are you going? Into the world/into the wild. Gotta find out whether openness is really my anti-drug.

Three things you learned at Columbia:

  1. Beware of any lesson taught in words
  2. Every molecule of water breaks and reforms its bonds a trillion times a minute
  3. You never know what you don’t know

Justify your existence in 30 words or fewer: I think, therefore I am thankful.

Any war stories from the War on Fun? Ooh boy… One time, an older PS officer walked into our Ruggles suite and said, “That’s one of the top five weirdest things I’ve ever seen.” By the way, let’s all streak the quad.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? There are soy substitutes for cheese, but no soy substitutes for lips and tongues. Yet.

Any advice for the Class of 2014? My favorite freedom comes from remembering that life has proved me dead wrong far too many times for me to predict the future. — Be open to things and they’ll be open to you. — Never abuse your drugs…treat them well and they’ll treat you well. Also, The flow is there to be gone with. -J. Swanson And, It’s only a problem if it’s a problem. -D.S.

Any regrets? All the jealousies and insecurities… sometimes I forget that it’s a mistake to be jealous of anyone because everyone’s got their own crazy, crazy shit goin on. If I can deal with mine I’m ahead of the game.

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  1. ...  

    YES!!! Lovelovelove this kid. Thank you for finally putting it up Bwog =]

  2. Harmony Hunter  

    this class of 2010 CC senior posits that you never know what you don't know well i find this to be especially true because i don't know where Harmony Hall is located and I don't know and therefore ergo consequently i cannot know where Harmony Hall is actually located fulfilling this senior prophecy can anyone help me to find it with a map or perhaps a guided walk to the general area please?

  3. Can anyone say

    trying too hard to be funny?

  4. Anonymous  

    Rich is the man!
    How about some more SEAS or Barnard wisdom too.

  5. Anonymous  

    Richard. you are amazing.

  6. Anonymous

    he didn't really present naked did he?

  7. fellow cc10  

    Yay Rich!!!

  8. Anonymous  

    i never heard of this kid, but our class coulda used more of him. "All the jealousies and insecurities… sometimes I forget that it’s a mistake to be jealous of anyone because everyone’s got their own crazy, crazy shit goin on. If I can deal with mine I’m ahead of the game." I couldn't have said it better, myself.

    Best advice for freshman--everybody at this school is insanely insecure, so remember to be kind. Even if the person's a dick, it's because he/she has ego issues...

  9. 2010  


  10. hmmm  

    this is weird. i don't get it. maybe it's over my head

  11. Anonymous  

    i'm in love with this man...where can i find him/does he like girls?

  12. Sarita  

    Rich, you da best. yay!

  13. Anonymous  

    ELIZA! How many more SWs are we getting? Please another two by the end of the day - hopin' and wishin' for an athlete (not from the football team, pretty please?) and maybe a SEAS biddie...? Eh?

    *I'm just speaking directly to Eliza in case she'll reply with one of my cool blue comments.

    • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)

      Oh my, hello! There will be two more senior wisdoms tonight, and 3-4 more each Friday, Saturday and Sunday until graduation. We're not running all of the submissions we received, simply because some were more entertaining than others. Hope you enjoy them, my friend.


    YAY for (most of) the Seniors for finally being done with classes!!! Congrats congrats congrats!

  15. former r.a. to r.b.e.s. one love

    I'm sure you presented your cc work proudly naked. great senior wisdom. great guy. good luck in the world or something like that

  16. d.s. quote?  

    daniel spiro?? probably, because daniel is the man

  17. if I'm not high or John Mayer,

    am I still supposed to get this?

  18. From 1st Year Arabic  

    Richard Brown, you are the fucking man. Wish we had gotten to hang out more. Great SW, congrats on graduating, and good luck with everything

  19. Anonymous

    so wise!

    and oh so charming.

  20. yes  

    this kid is awesome. wish i got to know him better!

  21. r  

    rich brown is way cute

  22. Anonymous

    I understood maybe 20% of this

  23. Anonymous  

    I SAW THE NAKEDNESS. bonus points to mark hussa for flipping his macbook and catching a photo before morgan could get in the way. cc for life.

  24. Anonymous  

    biggest ego, smallest dick.

  25. richard brown

    once gave me advice that changed my life

  26. ever since

    my buddhism discussion section i've been in love with this man

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