Senior Wisdom: Daria Schneider

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Name, school: Daria Schneider, CC

Claim to fame: 2007 NCAA Champion, got to fence in front of and fist bump Obama at the White House, Member of National Team

Where are you going? I’m staying in NYC to train for London 2012.

Three things you learned at Columbia:
1. Even if the students create a beautiful thing like 40’s on 40 the school will try to co-opt it.
2. The girl’s rugby team is hardcore.
3. Claremont the classroom building is at 80 Claremont Ave.

Justify your existence in 30 words or fewer: I throw myself into my work everyday at fencing practice and get completely absorbed in it.

Any war stories from the War on Fun? I’m not at liberty to talk about them, but let’s just say it has to do with the Columbia Athletic Dept.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? Rather give up cheese.

Any advice for the Class of 2014? Don’t take anything personally, just manipulate your insulter to get what you want.

Any regrets? I regret that the days are not 48 hours long.

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  1. Finally-

    A straightforward, no-nonsense cheese response!

  2. JJJ  


    btw she's more manly than the entire men's fencing team and that's a FACT.

    • JKS  

      MINE TOO!!!!

      Sad as I am to admit it, I think you are probably right... Except last year we made her an honorary member of the men's team so there is at least ONE (honorary) member of our team who is as manly as her...

  3. Anonymouse

    Aw hell yeah CUWRFC!

  4. Anonymous  

    That photo is epic.

  5. troof  

    Best senior wisdom.

  6. aaahhh

    daria you are so cool
    will you be my best friend?

  7. friend

    i wish i had 48 hours a day to spend with daria.

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