Campus Is A Soggy Zoo/It’s Over

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Every single member of the Columbia Class of 2010- that’s CC, SEAS, GS, BC, JSchool, BSchool, Law School is officially graduating right now. They are joined by approximately ten million family members and friends braving the truly nasty weather. At last, a justification for the tents. Photos to come, but in the meantime, in case you haven’t heard this enough recently:

And don’t forget to look for the Empire State Building lit up in Columbia blue tonight at dusk!

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  1. Gaby

    Anyone know why CC got swords this year? Love it. It's baller, but I want to know why.

    • swords

      were because last year people chucked whole apples and prezbo stopped the ceremony to chastise them. Thus we cannot be trusted with things we can throw. and swords are WAY cooler than pencils or other inflatable stuff. And they go with the SEAS hammers. and because we "slay" the core? idk. but I liked my sword so I'm not complaining.

  2. soo

    how bad was a rainy grad?

  3. Umm...  

    Bwog, do you mean ten THOUSAND? Not 10 Million? 10 Million is the population of New York

  4. Relax...

    it's a hyperbole.

  5. ugh

    Okay, it was miserable. You were either drenched, cold, drenched and cold, or drenched, cold, and pissy at your friend for fighting over umbrella space. PrezBo's speech sounded like it was going to be really good. At least it was cut short. I didn't even know we had a dental school.

  6. nice  

    swords are a good idea

  7. Anonymous

    why do we have cheap shit for graduation? It sounds lame

  8. fuck Elgar

    or, fuck Yale for starting the whole elgar thing.
    better yet, fuck all those colleges that hopped on Yale's bandwagon. Including Columbia.

    captcha: pupin of

  9. Anonymous

    Bwog, aren't GSAS grads and grads from some of the other grad schools part of the Columbia Class of 2010?

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