Commencement 2010: The End

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Photos by Hans Hyttinen

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  1. Anonymous

    which school has the racecar flags?

  2. Because there's no other post...

    Does anyone know when summer housing assignments will be sent out?

  3. Can  

    Bwog talk about how the sen10rs won the war on fun? no really, i'm pretty sure we won.

  4. ummm

    can we stop talking about graduation now? it's too depressing...tell me what i should do this weekend bwog!

  5. summer housing  

    still waiting.

  6. PrezBo

    "If it rains on your commencement day, you will have a fabulous live!"

  7. Anonymous

    dear bwog - you made the awful rainyness of the day look beautiful. good job.

  8. senior items!  

    does anybody know all the senior items for each school??
    CC had inflatable swords (yess.. so much cooler than the apple cores that I heard we'd get :D )
    SEAS had inflatable hammers
    the med school had inflated surgical gloves
    GS had racing flags
    SIPA had country flags
    ..what else did everyone have?

    i must know! :D

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