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Commencement 2010: The End

Photos by Hans Hyttinen

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  • senior items! says:

    @senior items! does anybody know all the senior items for each school??
    CC had inflatable swords (yess.. so much cooler than the apple cores that I heard we’d get :D )
    SEAS had inflatable hammers
    the med school had inflated surgical gloves
    GS had racing flags
    SIPA had country flags
    ..what else did everyone have?

    i must know! :D

    1. cc 10 says:

      @cc 10 From what I could see/remember:

      Dental school got giant toothbrushes (my fave!).
      Nursing school got plastic stethoscopes.
      Teachers’ College got rubber apples.
      Students receiving doctoral degrees in physical therapy got crutches.
      B-school got (presumably fake) dollar bills.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous what about barnard?

        1. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous condoms

        2. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous aprons

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous dear bwog – you made the awful rainyness of the day look beautiful. good job.

  • PrezBo says:

    @PrezBo “If it rains on your commencement day, you will have a fabulous live!”

  • summer housing says:

    @summer housing still waiting.

  • ummm says:

    @ummm can we stop talking about graduation now? it’s too depressing…tell me what i should do this weekend bwog!

  • Can says:

    @Can Bwog talk about how the sen10rs won the war on fun? no really, i’m pretty sure we won.

  • Because there's no other post... says:

    @Because there's no other post... Does anyone know when summer housing assignments will be sent out?

    1. Hans says:

      @Hans They won’t. I was told I would know my assignment upon check-out check-in.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Do you mean check-*in*? Because check-out seems, uh, unreasonable.

        1. Hans says:

          @Hans Yes, I meant check-in. Oops.

    2. Actually... says:

      @Actually... Check your online application – there’s a link somewhere on the Housing section of Columbia’s site. I didn’t receive an email or anything, just rando found my way there earlier today. My room had been posted, as well as the final part of the form (terms & agreement, or whatevz).

      SO GLAD this whole process is easy slash makes sense!

      1. Hans says:

        @Hans Good tip! My room was posted this morning.
        Here’s the Housing portal.

      2. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Mine hasn’t been posted yet (though I did get that email a few weeks ago about housing being guaranteed.) Damn iiiiit.

        (captcha: “antacids in.” Not unreasonable at this point.)

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous which school has the racecar flags?

    1. GS says:

      @GS School of General Studies.

      1. Figured it out says:

        @Figured it out It’s because they raced stock cars for ten years after high school.

        1. senior items! says:

          @senior items! no its because they finally graduated college/made it to the finish line :P

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