Bwoglines: Columbia Still Exists In The Summer

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Peña-Mora having fun in Havemeyer 309, photo via

PrezBo and four other University Presidents ask Congress to repeal “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” arguing that the policy is “detrimental to both our students and the nation.”

Bill O’Reilly told TC Professor Marc Lamont Hill, who is black, that Hill “kind of looked like” a cocaine dealer “a little bit.” Hill responded that O’Reilly looked like a cocaine user.

Columbia alum and film location scout gives the lowdown on fabled lecture hall Havemeyer 309.

Hans Blix, former WMD inspector, will speak at 6 PM tonight in 1501 IAB, trying to answer a tricky query: “Can We Move to a Nuclear Weapon Free World?” The lecture is part of the Hertog Global Strategy Initiative, which is also offering summer courses.

Update: Sunil Gulati hangs with Obama, Clinton and Biden before the World Cup.

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  1. The no vibrator zone

    Remember when Bill O'Reilly left one of his staffers a series of lewd voicemails? I remember him saying that she should masturbate to relieve work stress.

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