Delivering the petition to the dean

The push for gender neutral housing made some progress this school year, but those in favor of it say there obviously needs more to be done. To bring attention to this issue once more, Everyone Allied Against Homophobia today officially presented a petition, signed by over 900 Columbia students and endorsed by 20 campus organizations, to Deans Moody-Adams, Peña-Mora, and Shollenberger stating their case.

The statement by EAAH in the petition’s letter expresses “disappointment over the lack of progress this year” and feelings of being “stuck in the mud;” however, it also conveys gratitude to the Columbia administration for taking the initiative this far.  You can read the entire petition here (PDF).

The timing of the delivery of this petition is related to the fact that the first official Open Housing Meeting is taking place next Tuesday, May 11. Be sure to check back for further updates.