Law school professor Alex Raskolnikov is, miraculously, the third Raskolnikov on Google

Excellent news for those who like delicious tacos and don’t like Georgette Fleischer: La Esquina will be permanently re-opening tonight. A few of you chatted with Page Six about your contempt for Lady Fleischer, calling her a “narc” but adding that “she loved cats.” It all goes to show that you win some, you lose some in this big, wacky world of ours. At least we have La Esquina back.

Another update from the World of Morningside Villains, this one a bit more literal. At this year’s Law School graduation, Attorney General Eric Holder, former managing editor and publisher of the Blue and White Jessica Isokawa, and a Law school professor named Alex Raskolnikov will address the Class of 2010. (The first link will show that Raskolnikov’s office is on West 1126th Street). That’s quite the surname- hey 2013, remember him?

Columbia scientists built robots that may one day become evil and take over the world.