Two Boots Opening Downtown

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It has a sign!

There are few things worse than mustering up the courage to spend a Saturday evening downtown, only to be punished by the shockingly slow arrival of the 1 train. As if the shiny new 96th Street station wasn’t enough to placate us (it isn’t!), enter Two Boots! The delicious NY (and Connecticut and LA?) pizza chain will open on Broadway between 95th and 96th. No word on when opening day will be, but construction started in late April, so the beginning of the year should bring another reason to cross the formidable 110th Street threshold. And let us say: omnom!

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  1. 20 blocks?  

    for pizza?

    bwog...cmon i know its summer but

  2. Anonymous  

    I had to parse that headline like three times.

  3. Zomg:  

    Can you change "close" to "nearby"? Current title is crazy confusing.

  4. anonym

    You know you have Columbia spirit if you refer to 96th street as "Downtown"...

  5. dear god

    people are calling 96th a walk? what, have your legs atrophied? real new yorkers walk you babies.

    • huh

      real new yorkers don't walk twenty blocks for mediocre pizza.
      Totonno's and Grimaldi's maybe. Two Boots? Never.

      • well

        if you want to get technical, it would be hard for any real new yorker who lives in manhattan to walk for good pizza. you have to talk a train to brooklyn.

        • noo yawka

          there are some ok pizza places in manhattan... but not two boots. I'd rather go to the chained out Patsy's (but prefer the original in East Harlem). There is a Totonno's on 2nd Ave on the UES, too. Lombardis in Soho is ok - much better than Two Boots or Koronet or Famiglia for sure.

          You forget that people who live in Brooklyn and Staten Island are also New Yorkers. They can walk places, too.

  6. Downtown?

    I'm sorry, but 96th street is not downtown. You should have said that's it's opening on the UWS.

    Now if you were talking about a place in Soho, Fin. District, Tribeca.. then feel free to tell us that it's downtown.

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