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Huzzah, Jeff! Photo via gocolumbialions.com

CC’10 Salutatorian and baller fencer Jeff Spear has been named the Academic All-American of the year by ESPN.

B&W alum Marc Tracy talks to B-Baller Bruce Robbins about the sacredness (and Jewishness!) of Ulysses. More for Joyce-devotees and regular people: Tablet is hosting a Bloomsday celebration next Wednesday.

Six CU alumni and faculty pwned The New Yorker‘s “20 Under 40” fiction writers worth watching list. (Click for Q&A’s with authors) That’s about 25% 30% of the whole list.

See Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg talk about nuclear proliferation! Tonight, 1501 IAB, 6PM. Facebook event here.

PSA! Click your way to a good conscience: the Nourishing Kitchen in East Harlem, a longtime friend of Columbia’s, is eligible to win a $25,000 grant. The Kitchen “works to alleviate the strong correlation between poor nutritional health and low-income status through health hot meals, produce distribution, community nutrition classes, and yoga classes.”  All you have to do is vote to secure $25,000 for the program. Do it do it, kids.

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  1. Alum

    Six is 30% of 20, not "about 25%".

    (My catchpa is "the rereads", which seems apt.)

  2. ALSO  

    Kate Berthold, CC'06 (and was in 3 V-Shows in her day), is in this HILARIOUS College Humor video about the BP Oil Spill


  3. '10

    karen russell is incredible

  4. More alumni news

    Reni Lane's album pops up all over the place in the iPhone 4 feature pages: http://www.apple.com/iphone/features/multitasking.html (just one example)

  5. Anonymous

    Tolja. J Spear is a good hero to have. The fencing team is gonna suffer hardcore without him.

  6. CC'10

    Much love for Karen Russell and Wells Tower! So glad I got to have them as professors!

    • Pfft  

      Love them both but it's truly Rivka Galchen for the WIN!

      If I'm a creative writing major now it is in large part because of her beginner's workshop....Hell of a shift from Pre-med and bio. Sorry mom and dad.

  7. Anonymous  

    The Nourishing Kitchen is amazing! VOTE!!!

  8. WHO cares?

    Fencing isnt really a sport...try playing football

  9. Anonymous  

    he's a fencer and his last name is spear. fate.

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