Bwoglines: Arrivals and Departures

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And sayonara to this dee-bag, too. Photo via Wikimedia Commons


[email protected] (at least for now)

The Russian spies

“Tension in your buttocks”

Hours of studying for your second semester Lit Hum final, 2014!

The records for $109 million of the Columbia Medical Center’s funds

Notable Columbia alumni Robert Butler (Pulitzer-winning psychiatrist) and Bob Sheppard (beloved Yankees announcer)


NYC Restaurant Week

The first person to consider Kitchenette “cheap” also co-owns Aquavit

Josh Lipsky’s (former Dems president) very public engagement

A McKim, Mead & White expose (well, in October)

A new seminar: How To Behave At A Paris Review Party (Franco alert!)

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  1. The boredat  

    guy has to stop being such a vagina and just leave the sites up

  2. Anonymous

    Hey whatsa with the Lebron hatin eh??

  3. Wow

    Even someone who isn't gay has to admit... that sounds REALLY homophobic....

    • hmm

      prude, perhaps. definitely anti- random hookups being orchestrated in any way that leaves him mildly responsible. not necessarily homophobic. although he isn't off to a good start in avoiding that label, is he now?

      • Anonymous  

        Who really even says 'homosexuals' anymore? I guess you could say it's accurate, but it sounds pretty 1950s. Although, I guess the guy's an engineer, right?

        • it's

          kinda disheartening that every time someone creates something of ANY technical merit whatsoever, we have to assume it was a (former) engineering student that made it. Like the rest of the world is incapable of anything except revising their bullshit dissertation.

          Oh, and for the record, I think the [email protected] guy is actually an engineer.

      • that's because

        it's blatantly heteronormative, if not homophobic. he should just say he doesn't want [email protected] turned into a forum for random hookups, whether they're homosexual or heterosexual. to single out homosexuals makes it clear that he has some bias against them.

    • yeah

      I agree. I saw plenty of straight hook-up mongering every time I visited...he should drop the "homosexual" qualifier and leave it at that.

  4. eh  

    It kinda makes sense why he would single out the gays, although using the word homosexual is a bit off-putting. If he's trying to sell ads on the site, or looking for VC cash or a buyout, or even wants to have a project he can brag about on his resume, he wants the appeal as broad as possible. People looking for anonymous hookups are a small demographic that chase other people out, because most people don't want to read post after post of "anyone want 2 fuck"? Figure men are half of the students, and gay men is a tenth (about) of that, and he's shrunk his user base down to a tiny, tiny amount.

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