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Bwoglines: Arrivals and Departures

Farewell: Bored@Butler (at least for now) The Russian spies “Tension in your buttocks” Hours of studying for your second semester Lit Hum final, 2014! The records for $109 million of the Columbia Medical Center’s funds Notable Columbia alumni Robert Butler (Pulitzer-winning psychiatrist) and Bob Sheppard (beloved Yankees announcer) Hello: NYC Restaurant Week The first person […]

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Bwog Daybook: Post-HP edition

Now that you’ve (hopefully) emerged from the Deathly Hallows, here are our picks of the week to keep you entertained, courtesy of Bwog scheduler Stephanie Quan. IT IS RESTAURANT WEEK!!!! Monday, July 23rd * Boyz II Men – does anybody remember On Bended Knee? and I’ll Make Love to You?  Wingate Field, 7:30pm * Lawn […]

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Last Chance Arts

Once again – it’s time for last chance arts. After this weekend, these things will be gone forever, so take advantage while you still can! (Is it appropriate to apply the expression “carpe diem” to a Renee Zellweger movie?) 1.  Miss Potter closes at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square this weekend to make room for the […]

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Flay me gently

Restaurant Week is upon us! It’s your semiannual shot at climbing into the City’s swankest restaurants through the backdoor–you best hurry to make those reservations before your time runs out next Friday. Surveying the offerings, Bwog freelancer Bari Weiss takes us to Bolo, the Spanish sensation run by that guy you may have seen on […]

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