Boringside Heights: Out With The Stationery, In With The Barcodes!

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The Milano sandwich artists are using technology and old neighborhood stores are closing. All of a sudden, everything is different!

First, Anish Bramhandkar bought a $9 sandwich, and informed us that Milano has new robot-scanners-and-barcodes. Be prepared to shave seconds off your next Milano run!

Then we walked down Broadway a little further only to discover that Song’s, the stationery store/candy deli/place with balloons outside the 110th train station has been closed for two weeks! Start making your bets on what the owners got pushed out for what will replace it (a commenter notes that the owner of Song’s said she was retiring)…Bank of America? The third Chase in ten blocks? Citi? The possibilities are endless.

And if those things don’t excite you, perhaps these things will:

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  1. E.  

    The woman working at Song's said she was retiring.

  2. stationery  

    stationery, not stationary. Please.

    • Anonymous  

      you could have even copied the proper spelling from the photo pictured with the post.

      • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)

        Oh dear, you are correct! And fixed. Hey- also- we're forreal looking for a new copy editor or two- if you're interested email me at [email protected]

  3. ppfft

    RFID's the wave of the future, baby!

  4. Fun fact!

    I was friends with the daughter of one of the guys that helped invent the barcode system. He also owns a farm. Which is where I developed my fear of sheep.

  5. Thanks

    Great link to Amazon Student. Thanks BWOG!!!

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